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Claim Your Future® (CYF) is a proven, engaging educational game that encourages students to explore career pathways, financial decision making, and the return on investment of higher education and training. Developed by the Finance Authority of Maine, CYF began as a classroom game kit, but is now available to everyone FREE as a digital game to meet the needs of a changing educational landscape. NEW this year – two editions are available based on age: Middle School and Younger Edition and High School and Beyond Edition. Additionally there are enhanced and new resources, from instructional videos to educator guides.

CYF is adaptable and ideal for remote learning, hybrid classrooms, and independent lessons. It’s exactly the tool that educators and students need, right now. Claim Your Future can be played alone or with a group, online or with the handheld game kit. It is appropriate for a wide range of audiences, from young students through high school and beyond. It can be used as a one-time classroom activity, an after school activity, or as part of a larger unit on careers, higher education, and money management.

CYF creates fun, memorable experiences for everyone who plays no matter what age. Each edition is tailored specifically for its audience with educator guides that help teachers adapt and optimize their lesson plans. Participants can play multiple times with different careers and make different spending choices. Through the game, students learn life skills, and begin to understand the strong connection between the choices they make today and their opportunities in the future.

Developed by Maine JumpStart President and FAME Financial Education Officer, Mary Dyer, in conjunction with FAME’s College Access and Financial Education team, Claim Your Future has been consistently field tested and improved through actual classroom experience and educator feedback. FAME’s mission is to provide financial solutions to help Maine people achieve their higher education and business goals. CYF is one of those solutions.

Claim Your Future has been sponsored and distributed by state agencies, schools, GEAR UP agencies, financial institutions, youth organizations, non-profits, corporations, and others. These sponsors promote financial education to help develop financial capabilities, a well-educated workforce, and support a productive community.

What We Offer

For Educators: Free online program and award winning game kits with volume discounts available. Now through May 31, 2021 order Game Kits and use the coupon code: APR100 to save $100 off the $299 price per game kit. Consider finding a sponsor to fund game kits for your program or school. Claim Your Future is proven to expand knowledge and engage students from fifth grade through high school and beyond.

For Sponsors: CYF can be co-branded and customized (both website and game kits) for your target audiences.

  • Expand your organization’s brand awareness while promoting financial wellness and career exploration with students and their families.
  • Provide educators and students with a fun and engaging experience they will remember using the CYF game kit’s 50 unique career wheels, Educator Guide, budget worksheets, or CYF digital 125 career choices, customized salaries and expenses for your region.
  • Order 100 kits or more and customize with regional salary data, specific higher education options, and unique careers.
  • Partner with CYF and your logo will be in front of students and educators for an average 15-30 minutes per game play, several times throughout the school year.

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Claim Your Future

What’s New

  • $100 OFF game kits: Order Game Kits by May 31, 2021, use the coupon code: APR100 to save $100 off the $299 price per game kit – that’s only $199/game kit!
  • Two editions have been developed: Middle School and Younger Edition and High School and Beyond Edition.
  • New instructional videos and educator guides, including in-game embedded videos from a CYF educator.
  • Game kit wheels can be sanitized.


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