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By Robert M. Church, Executive Director

DoughMain Financial Literacy Foundation is 501 C3 nonprofit that has been working in schools and communities across the nation since 2012. We exist to prepare today’s students and the greater community for a lifetime of financial success by offering high quality, well developed personal finance educational programs and workshops. 


Moving Financial Literacy Forward

DoughMain Financial Literacy Foundation provides a variety of accessible FitKit Personal Finance programs to meet the needs of students, educators, and communities.  

The FitKit60 Personal Financial Literacy H.S. and College Edition – FitKit60 is a 60-hour state-of the-art, student oriented, comprehensive school curriculum that includes teacher guides, standards mapped unit and lesson plans, assessments, original content, extension activities, presentations, student books, peer-to-peer videos, and interactive features that make the material engaging. FitKit topics include Income and careers, Pay, Benefits and Deductions, Taxes, Budgeting, Banks and Banking, Savings and Investments, Credit, and Insurance.

FitKit Personal Finance Middle School Edition – FitKit Middle School Edition delivers personal financial literacy education to 5-8 grade students through a 8-hour, state-of the-art, student oriented, comprehensive curriculum that includes teacher guides, lesson plans, presentations, peer-to-peer videos, assessments, student books, presentations, and interactive features. 

All FitKit School Programs meet or exceed Core Curriculum Content Standards for 21st-Century Life and Careers, the National Standards for Financial Literacy by the Council for Economic Education and JumpStart Standards for Personal Finance.

FitKit Community Express & Express for Women aims to bring financial literacy education to those who stand to benefit the most in the larger community. Our 6-8-hour customizable workshop version is tailored to fit the specific needs of men and women living in poverty or are otherwise at risk thereof, and relate to the mindset, history, values, and challenges of specific communities. 

Pathways to Personal Finance, Personal Financial Literacy and Personal Financial Mastery Certificates – At the center of our FitKit financial literacy initiatives is the Personal Finance Certification program, a groundbreaking innovation in Personal Financial Education for College, High School and Middle School Students. The goal of the program is simple—to help students graduate as financially capable young adults. Participating colleges, high schools and middle schools that offer our FitKit Programs or another Personal Finance Course and then administers our standardized Financial Literacy Certification Test are eligible to apply.

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  • FitKit Express for At-Risk Youth Our 8-1-hour personal finance workshops focus on at-risk youth such as youth in transition from foster care and incarcerated youth. Workshops can be presented in person or remotely by our Master Personal Finance Educators, or we can train your volunteers to present the program.


  • Train-the-Trainer – DoughMain Financial Literacy Foundation is offering four-hour professional development opportunities dedicated to teaching volunteers, laypersons or partnering organization employees and staff how to teach FitKit Express programs.


  • Online and eLearning – FitKit Programs are available for subscription to schools, organizations, and communities online in Teacher Presentation that include access to FitKit with downloadable resources and eLearning Classroom that provides for online teaching, gathering of information, assessments, resources and content (special pricing plans or curriculum sponsorships can be made available).


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FitKit Program Online Access is available to Jump$tart teachers for $12 per month! For access, scan the special QR code here:

Robert M. Church, Executive Director


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