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By Robert M. Church

Personal Finance Education with real world application has never been more important for America’s youth and communities. As more educators, and state boards of education begin to recognize that students are unprepared to make the financial decisions necessary to plan for college, future careers, and family choices, more states are adopting standards that require schools to teach Personal Finance.

Through DoughMain Financial Literacy Foundation’s FitKit Programs Colleges, High Schools and Community organizations are getting the type of high-quality, real-world curriculum needed to help prepare youth and communities to deal with real world personal finance issues without stressing educators and school systems financially or emotionally.
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Headquartered in Princeton, New Jersey DoughMain Financial Literacy Foundation, a 501 c3 nonprofit has worked with educators teaching in school systems across the nation since 2012 to develop world class financial literacy programs for youth and communities that focus on the essential building blocks for Personal Finance Education. FitKit Personal Finance Programs are comprehensive standards based tested curricula that include print and online, eLearning materials that can be subscribed to directly and at low cost as little as $3 per user or $12 Per educator per month by school systems or sponsored into schools by banks and financial institutions.

To meet communities where they are and overcome the many challenges related to teaching personal finance education in community settings DoughMain Financial Literacy Foundation has developed The FitKit Express Personal Finance Workshop. FitKit Express and FitKit Express for Women include: 8-1-hour personal finance workshops that deal with the core foundational topics of Income and Careers, Pay, Benefits, Deductions, Taxes, Budgeting, Banks and Banking, Savings and Investments, Credit, and Insurance. Workshops include compelling video content and reflective pieces that meet individuals where they are in life and address the many challenges of Opportunity youth and communities.

Additionally, workshops are not limited to traditional presentations but highly adaptable and available online, and we offer Train-the-Trainer opportunities for laypersons and community members who wish to teach the programs.

FitKit Express Workshops are just one-way DoughMain Financial Literacy Foundation is empowering young and older adults with the financial knowledge they need to be successful in life.

To date, FitKit University, FitKit High School, and FitKit Express Workshop Programs have reached more than 25,000 students and community members. FitKit personal finance programs are some of the highest quality and fastest growing personal finance curricula in America.

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