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Who We Are

The mission of DoughMain Financial Literacy Foundation (501c3) is to prepare today’s students and the larger community for a lifetime of financial responsibility. In today’s fast-paced consumer society, financial literacy is an essential everyday life skill. It can mean the difference between having the ability to understand and manage limited financial resources and risks effectively, and the total financial collapse of generations of families. The Foundation is working to reverse the decline of financial literacy in our country and build stronger, more financially literate youth and communities.


What We Offer

DoughMain Financial Literacy Foundation’s (DMFLF) visionary FitKit Personal Finance programs have reached over 10,000 students and growing nationwide with stunning results that includes an average 40% increase in test scores pre to post assessment, gender neutrality, and an increase in positive attitudes by students in learning about personal finance from 19% to 91%.

FitKit Programs include:

FitKit High School Edition, a 60+30 hour, state-of the-art, student oriented, comprehensive standards mapped high school curriculum that includes teacher guides, unit and lesson plans, extension activities, pre, post and unit assessments and study guides, student books, key vocabulary, peer-to-peer videos, multimedia and interactive features that make the material engaging.

FitKit Middle School Edition, a 6-8-hour state-of the-art, student oriented, comprehensive standards mapped middle school curriculum that includes all the elements of the High School program in a condensed version.

FitKit Express Community Programs: custom-designed conversations with the community that introduce important skills in personal finance and address mindset, history, challenges, skills, and importance of personal finance in our lives for the greater community.

*FitKit programs meet or exceed national and state standards in personal finance and cover topics that include: Income and careers, Pay, Benefits and Deductions, Taxes, Budgeting, Banks and Banking, Savings and Investments, Credit, and Insurance.

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What’s New

E-learning Interactive Classroom Environments 

FitKit Programs are available in online Interactive Classroom, Teacher Presentation Platform and Self-Study course formats as well as Hard Copy materials.

DoughMain Financial Literacy Foundation through a partnership with Core Achieve, a visionary leader in E-Learning and LMS systems that can deliver FitKit Personal Finance Programs with cutting edge educational technology in multiple formats.

Certificate Program: DoughMain Financial Literacy Foundation is proud to announce a first of its kind Pathways to Personal Finance (PPF) for Middle School Students with Personal Finance Literacy (PFL) and Personal Finance Mastery (PFM) Certificates offered for High School and College Students.

FitKit Programs are available in low to no cost formats that are co-brandable for organizations that wish to sponsor personal finance education for their schools and communities.


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