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Who We Are

Fidelity Investments has a longstanding commitment to the communities in which we live and work– whether it’s teaching financial literacy in schools or partnering with local nonprofit organizations to solve their infrastructure and software challenges. Fidelity believes that laying a foundation of economic and financial education is essential in helping students to build life-long financial confidence.

The Fidelity Cares program, working with teachers and students both inside the classroom and within our communities, continues to be core to Fidelity Investments’ commitment to financial literacy. When people have access to financial knowledge, they are more confident, can make better decisions and achieve better outcomes in their lives and the lives of their families.


What We Offer

The Fidelity Cares program offers programs that connect employees to students, sponsorships and research funding, and leverages their employees’ skills in financial services and even technology to support programs and nonprofit organizations that help build more financially literate communities.

Throughout the year, Fidelity’s employees, working with thought leaders, academics and non-profits, volunteer to bring skill-based expertise to financial education programs for local teachers and students. Employees teach and share personal finance lessons and career insights through in-classroom programs and events for students in grades K – 12. In person opportunities allow them to host students at Fidelity’s 10 regional locations, in addition to their headquarters in Boston, MA. Additionally, employees are matched for in-person or video connections to local classrooms to share their career expertise and insights.

• In 2019, 11,000+ employees donated their time, participated in 1,300+ community projects, and supported 106,000+ students and 1,300+ teachers

In collaboration with the Jump$tart Coalition and the Council for Economic Education, Fidelity Investment’ “Teacher Personal Financial Training” helps increase teacher confidence in and knowledge of personal finance topics. The program prepares educators to take the skills they obtain through a training session and apply those skills in the classroom.

• 92% of teachers that attended #finlit trainings reported their students’ understanding of personal finance concepts increased

• More than 2,500 teachers attended Fidelity’s Teacher Personal Financial Training program, reaching more than 253,000 students, since the program was created in 2015.

Fidelity also offers:

• Grants to established nonprofit organizations focusing on financial education and support of financial education research.

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What’s New

In unprecedented times Fidelity’s response focuses on identifying immediate and long-term opportunities to make a difference in our communities, even as the needs of those communities change. They are now working with their financial literacy partners to offer virtual financial literacy experiences for teachers and expanding access to financial literacy resources by topic for families, including emergency savings.

For teachers – Fidelity and the Jump$tart Coalition are in ongoing development of a resource portal for teachers for easy access to financial education materials for their classrooms.

For students – Middle school students benefit from the time and skills of their employees through a “Secrets of a Millionaire” apprenticeship provided through a long-standing partnership with Citizen Schools.

For young adults – Fidelity offers a virtual game, “Five Money Musts,” which utilizes real-world examples from a fictitious college grad named “Taylor” to teach budgeting, retirement, investing, credit and debt.

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Connect With Fidelity

To learn more about Fidelity Cares and financial literacy opportunities, contact:

Teresa Pelletier, Senior Director of Community Relations

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