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Fidelity Investments has a long-standing commitment of providing financial education to our customers, helping them make better personal finance and investing decisions to meet their unique life event goals. This commitment extends beyond our customers.  It goes deep into the communities where our associates live and work.

Fidelity employees are passionate about bringing this knowledge to school-age children and teachers. Throughout the school year, Fidelity employees teach and share personal finance lessons and career insights through in-classroom programs and events that host students at Fidelity’s 10 regional locations, in addition to our headquarters in Boston MA. Employees are matched for in-person or video connections to local classrooms to share their career expertise and insights. Fidelity’s personal finance teacher training program has reached more than 1,800 teachers and, in turn, 185,000 students nationwide since the program’s inception in 2015.


This commitment to serving the communities where we work and live is exemplified by Fidelity employee Gail Tulipani. As a regional center learning lead, Gail helps Fidelity’s employees deliver the best customer experience to clients by facilitating training sessions for customer-facing Fidelity employees. She takes this same commitment to excellence into the world of financial literacy when she volunteers to share her expertise in personal finance concepts with teachers. Growing up with “financial despair always hanging over the family,” Gail says she never forgot the trauma of a household always short on cash. So, the lessons that she wishes she had received as a young 12-year old, she commits to sharing with as many school-age children as possible. And the earlier the better.

Research shows that children begin developing attitudes and behaviors about money as young as age six or seven, and according to additional research by the FINRA Foundation, more rigorous instruction leads to positive behavioral formation and better outcomes, such as improved credit scores and lower credit delinquency.


Working with teachers and students both inside the classroom and out within our communities continues to be core to Fidelity Investments’ commitment to financial literacy. Fidelity continues to focus on expanding the reach and impact of its financial literacy programs for students and teachers by partnering with organizations like the Jump$tart Coalition.


Join a Teacher Training: Fidelity Investments partners to provide financial literacy training to educators throughout the year. Here is a list of upcoming trainings.

Spread the Word: Check out the financial literacy story through the eyes of middle schooler, Alexis. Share this video if you agree that all children should have access to financial education.

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