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By Scott Glasgow, Founder and CEO of FinMango

FinMango is a 501(c)(3) non-profit offering FREE financial education and mentorship while accelerating financial inclusion and innovation for young people around the world. Their mission is to revolutionize financial health by making it universally accessible and useful.

By leveraging a strong network of supporters, teachers, partners, and volunteers, FinMango reaches 1,000,000+ youth annually with 750+ advocates/mentors from 70+ countries.

What We Offer

  • How To Become a Millionaire Class-FinMango’s flagship class on how to invest in the stock market and become a Millionaire. This is not a stock picking course and presents a different approach to investing in the stock market that is easy and requires minimal research on your part. Recent review: “This was amazing, the most I have ever learned in 3 days out of 12 years of school. This needs to be a mandatory class in every school!”

Check out thousands of more reviews or schedule a LIVE class today on their website. The class will soon be on-demand for teachers and students. All curriculum, content, and services are delivered at NO COST.

  • FinMango’s Advocacy / Mentorship Alliance– A powerful community of advocates on a mission to promote financial literacy & inclusion globally. Over 750 people (out of 20,000+ applicants) from 70+ countries have been accepted as an advocate / mentor.

  • FIRE Calculator-There are more personal finance tools than ever before at our disposal, but it’s easy to get lost in the details. FIRE focuses on a very simple concept: live well within your means, and invest as much as possible early on to let exponential growth take care of the hard work.

The FIRE calculator asks you a few questions about your personal finances to show you that, even with a modest income, you can achieve financial freedom much earlier than most people realize it’s possible.

  • Battle of the IRAs Calculator-Want to become a millionaire someday 💲📈? Two major ways to invest your money to build wealth are two Individual Retirement Accounts: TRADITIONAL IRA and ROTH IRA. You can open just one or both!

In life, we all have to pay TAXES eventually. Both accounts provide TAX ADVANTAGES while growing your money, but the biggest differences are 1. which you qualify for based on your income and 2. how and when you get a tax break. This calculator will let you see how much your savings can grow and which IRA wins in the end!

  • Mango Stories-Bite-sized lessons that look and feel like SnapChat stories that  teach about budgeting, credit, college planning, investing, real estate, entrepreneurial thinking, and business concepts.

  • Small Business Guide-A global guide for small business owners to efficiently bring their business to the digital era. This guide is free of charge and everything suggested by the guide can be done for free — although sometimes we also mention paid alternatives. Any prices mentioned in this guide are in US dollars.

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What’s New

  • The COVID-19 Open Data Repository-Awarded a $50k grant from Google Health to continue our collaboration.  The project is one of the most comprehensive collections of up-to-date COVID-19-related info from more than 20K locations worldwide to help public health officials, researchers and policymakers in understanding & managing the virus:

  • Mango X-A diverse group of volunteers who build and launch technologies that aim to improve the lives of millions, even billions, of people. Their goal: 10x impact on the financial exclusion problem, not just 10% improvement.

  • Microfinancing-In partnership with Artisan Global, FinMango is launching a new type of microfinancing in Northern Uganda for artisans that incorporates 0% interest loans and gamification to reward participants to become financially educated as they build up their businesses. They raised over $6k in under 5 hours earlier this week to fund the pilot program. Stay tuned for more details.


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