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By Jessica Pelletier

Financial literacy holds the greatest deficit between the demand by K12 students and delivery of its education. FitMoney provides free, unbiased financial literacy programs to empower K-12 students with critical life skills for a financially fit future.

According to a study at Cambridge University, financial behaviors and habits are formed by age seven. FitMoney starts teaching financial literacy before these habits are formed.

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FitMoney proudly advocates for financial literacy programming directly to the classroom up to the legislative level. Not only are we actively working to expand financial literacy implementation into classrooms across the country, but we’re committed to providing easy-to-use curriculum for teachers to deliver.

Most recently, FitMoney has written to legislators across the country on the lifetime impact learning personal finance has when starting young, as well as gathering thought leaders in pivotal settings. This week, we brought NFL linebacker Brandon Copeland to Boston in a partnership with Robinhood to inspire our greater New England community to invest in financial literacy as a contributor to combatting the education equity gap.

At FitMoney, we prioritize accessibility and diversification of programs to meet students where they are learning. Our latest program, the FitMoney $uperSquad, brings kids ages 5-12 to Fitonia where they join with Austen, Delair, Gabi, and Jordan to navigate real-world financial decision making through stories, games and choose your own adventure learning.

FitMoney’s Financially Fit Certificate Program has also now certified over 1,000 students across the states, now available for high school, elementary, and in two languages. The program is built not only to provide teachers with data and support, but provide students a sense of pride and accomplishment upon receiving their certificate that they can apply towards their career goals.


Jessica Pelletier

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