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By Dr. Lennette A. Coleman, President at FoolProof

FoolProof has been providing one-of-a-kind curriculums for remote and in-person classrooms for over 15 years. We’re the only major financial literacy resource in the world, literally, based on teaching healthy skepticism and critical thinking skills.

FoolProof is peer-to-peer. Kids do all the teaching – we talk to your students, not at your students. Our mission is to give teachers a turnkey financial literacy curriculum that teaches students to think, not react; to question marketers; to fight impulse buying.  We teach essential lifelong habits, not just rote money skills.

14,000 teachers and 8,000 schools have signed up—and about 80% of our teacher signups are teacher word-of-mouth. Educators, not marketers, developed our resources and we are very proud of that!

We’re the only curriculums endorsed by the National Association of Consumer Advocates, Consumer Federation of America, Public Citizen, and Fairplay for Kids.

We’re free (really!), web-driven and very turnkey for you.


Moving Financial Literacy Forward

Our curriculums meet state and national financial literacy standards and recommendations for remote, hybrid, and in-person classrooms.

We have separate middle and high school curriculums including “Virtual 2 Reality” exercises, classroom activities, and individual essays.

Our teachers can start using our curriculum in 24 hours by following the Quick Start Guide.

Students register themselves. Or, if you’re in a remote learning environment, you can add new students yourself from your teacher panel.

Watch our Good Morning America segment!

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What’s New

The NeighborMood: 2021 Fin Lit Game of the Year! Follow Ali as they navigate their senior year balancing everything life throws at them including—opening their first account, getting their first job all while avoiding scams, deceptive marketing, and peer pressure. Download for free, and ad free, from the Apple and Google Play stores.

Additional Spanish Resources: Find new articles, videos, and guides in Spanish on

Homeschool Activates “Virtual 2 Reality”: Educators bring lessons learned in modules to life in real-world scenarios, so students can practice critical thinking skills.

New Classroom Tools: Enhancements to the teacher panel include an administrator/mentor feature along with the ability to jump into a module with a student.


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