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By Dr. Lennette A. Coleman, President

We pride ourselves on teaching healthy skepticism and critical thinking skills. 

FoolProof has been providing actionable education in our one-of-a-kind curriculums for remote and in-person classrooms for nearly 20 years and we thank Walter Cronkite, founding board member, for that!

FoolProof teaches young people to question anyone or anything that impacts their money or their welfare. We teach students to think, not react; to question marketers; to fight impulse buying.

Here is how we do it:

Peer-to-peer: Kids do all the teaching in our resources – we talk to your students, not at your students.

Our mission: to give teachers resources to truly help their students build essential lifelong habits, not just rote money skills.

Customized by state: Our curriculums are customized to meet every state’s financial literacy standards and recommendations.

Teachers love us: over 15,000 teachers and over 9,000 schools have signed up.

We’re endorsed by the National Association of Consumer Advocates, Public Citizen, the Consumer Federation of America, and by Fairplay for Kids.

Find us in the Jump$tart Clearinghouse!

Separate middle and high school curriculums include “Virtual 2 Reality” exercises, classroom activities, and individual essays.

Start teaching tomorrow! Start using FoolProof in 24 hours. Just follow the Quick Start Guide.

Students register themselves. Or you can add new students yourself from your teacher panel.

Watch our Good Morning America segment and check out our media coverage.

Crypto! Marketers are diligently targeting students with Crypto-get-rich-schemes. FoolProof’s new Crypto module shows your students the truth about Crypto. Learn something new in this module.

Resources in Spanish: Check out our FoolProof Español page. All middle and high school modules are in Spanish as well!

“Joey’s Gist” features FoolProof’s most popular personality, Joseph Archibald, 24. Joey’s podcast delivers topics of interest today to young people.

New Classroom Tools:  We listen to teachers! That’s why our teacher panel lets you totally customize your FoolProof teaching, easily. Follow student progress in real time to help identify students who may need one-on-one encouragement.

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Name: Drew Guthrie

This month’s financial principle is “Back-to-School Shopping.” As some of our nation’s students have gone back to the classroom, some are returning before, and after the Labor Day holiday, caregivers are in the throes of spending. This is an opportune time to remind both caregivers and students about the Jumpstart Clearinghouse. The Clearinghouse hosts great resources for budget and spending.

TIP: While shopping, involve your students in the process. Share the total budget, compare prices, and allow them to do the tallying to monitor the risk of overspending. Experience is a great teacher. However, financial education resources are a great supplement. For additional resources, visit Jumpstart’s Clearinghouse here.