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Who We Are

FoolProof has been providing curriculums for remote and in-person classrooms for over 15 years. FoolProof is peer-to-peer and kids do all the teaching. Their unique approach in talking to the students, not at the students set them apart. All of the free resources teach habits along with skills.

FoolProof teaches young people to question anyone or anything that impacts their money or their welfare. They are  the only major financial literacy resource based on teaching healthy skepticism and critical thinking skills.

Teachers LOVE FoolProof! Over 14,000 teachers  and 8000 schools have signed up—and teacher word-of-mouth drives the growth of the company. Educators, not marketers, have developed these resources and is currently the only online curriculum in the world endorsed by the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood.

It’s free (really!), web-driven and very turnkey for you.


What We Offer

  • A real curriculum for remote, hybrid, and in-person classrooms that really does meet state and national financial literacy standards and recommendations.
  • Separate middle and high school curriculums.
  • Fast-start curriculum ready to use in just 24 hours. Just follow the Quick Start Guide. (Student sign-up is just as simple. Have the students register themselves like in the Quick Start Guide. Or, if you’re in a remote learning environment, you can add new students yourself from your teacher panel.)

Jump$tart Clearinghouse Resources:

  1. FoolProof Academy for High School
  2. FoolProof Academy for Middle School
  3. FoolProof Academy for Parents & Kids


What’s New

Foolproof is helping teachers in this unprecedented time by offering guidance for remote, hybrid, and in-person classrooms. As schools need to remain flexible, FoolProof offers seamless solutions for a changing environment. FoolProof’s Director of Education, Mike Sheffer, has developed plans for countless school districts and can help yours too! Here is how they are helping:

  • FoolProof Classroom offering a full classroom experience. (Same as pre-COVID-19) Complete modules, assignments and activities in the classroom to use as full curriculum or supplemental. This includes teaching tips and classroom discussion ideas in their full Teaching Guide.
  • FoolProof Hybrid Environment –School was in session, but it is now remote education with split schedules and limited classroom sizes and days. Foolproof offers modules remotely with activities and classroom discussion topics to reinforce concepts.

Also included:

  • Ability to monitor student progress and communicate with any student falling behind.
  • Use the “Class instructions” in the Edit class function to communicate with students. This message will appear each time students log into their accounts.
  • Utilize the assignments to test application of lessons learned in the modules.

*All modules and assignments can be delivered remotely


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