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Ford Credit has been the financing arm of Ford Motor Company for more than 60 years. As experts in automotive financing, we work with Ford to create programs that benefit our customers and to build a better world where everyone is free to move and pursue their dreams.

Some things about Ford Credit:

  • We know people are more than their credit scores and work hard to identify people who are good credit risks for auto financing
  • We offer options for consumers and businesses leasing or buying vehicles, and financing chargers and accessories.

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Ford Credit FLIGHT is the company’s financial education program developed for students in grades 6-12.

The Ford Credit FLIGHT program is a five-part workshop that:

  • Covers banking, saving, budgeting, credit and investing.
  • Includes student activity books to spark discussion and show how to apply concepts.
  • Uses presentation guides and optional slides.
  • Takes 45 minutes to an hour per session, including time for questions.

“We see a lot of light bulbs going off when it came to budgeting and separating needs from wants, which is hard, especially as a kid,” said one Ford Credit employee who presented the program in a high school. “We talk about assets and owning a house that can build equity vs. buying clothing that loses value.

“We lean on credit a lot because as soon as you turn 18, you start getting credit card offers. We educate students on how credit scores affect interest rates, buying ability and down payments. A lot of the kids said they would share the information with their parents. It is great to see the direct impact.”

Teachers agree that the Ford Credit FLIGHT sessions are having an effect.

“The program brought real world examples that my kids can relate to and understand. And it gave them opportunities to dialog not only with professionals but also among themselves about things that are important,” one teacher said.

“Ford Credit FLIGHT has been very well received, so we are expanding it this year across the United States and Canada. There has been a lot of enthusiasm for the topic and students’ ability to apply the information has been impressive,” said Shelisa Fields, who leads financial literacy efforts at Ford Credit.

“Our workshop materials are available in Spanish and English,” Fields said. “We have worked with middle schools, high schools, community organizations and even a professional organization. Now, there is interest from colleges, churches and other community groups.”

In the past, the program mostly has been presented in person by Ford Credit employees. This year, Ford dealers are getting involved in presenting the program, which will make in-person sessions available to even more communities.

“We also can present the program live online,” Fields said. “We are excited about expanding Ford Credit FLIGHT and we are glad it is helping people.”

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