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By Alisha David, Executive Director

Funding the Future has been Rocking Financial Literacy Education around the country since 2014. Our team is on a mission to educate students on the importance of smart financial decisions through a multimedia presentation including music, video, and an inspirational message shared by a musical celebrity.

Through our interactive program, participants learn tools to make informed decisions throughout their lives, gaining discipline and confidence to see their own dreams as possibilities.  Financial success for students who avoid debt and make sound financial decisions has a significant impact on their future – impacting not only their lives, but the lives of their families, their communities, and even the environment!
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Every Fall and Spring since 2014, our bands travel to educational institutions across the United States and Canada to spread the message of financial literacy. Our shows are provided at NO COST to schools. In the past 8 years, Funding the Future has toured 527 schools in 35 states, including Washington, DC, and two Canadian provinces. We have reached over 217,085 students.

Funding the Future utilizes a unique, innovative, and powerful tool to engage youth – live musical performances by the celebrity rock band GOODING or Alternative Rock/Americana singer-songwriter, Carter Hulsey, combined with the integral testimony of the artists’ life stories, dreams, trials, and successes.

By using the raw, undeniable energy of a live musical performance, these interactive 60-75 minute high-energy shows integrate original music, multimedia visuals, and audience participation to provide young adults valuable lessons in:

  • Following your passion
  • Importance of self-reliance
  • Positive influence of education and community mentors
  • General financial literacy
  • Avoiding unnecessary debt
  • Pitfalls of predatory lending and payday loans
  • Creating a financial savings and investment plan
  • Managing the rise in expenses as income increases
  • Debunking the myth and hype of overnight success

Funding the Future is scheduling Fall 2022 and Spring 2023 Tour Dates NOW. Contact our Booking Director at for available cities and dates.

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