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Who we are

Funding the Future is an innovative nonprofit organization that teaches teens vital financial principles through its live musical performances and student/musician interaction.

Financial Literacy Education Tour
Founded in 2013, FTF’s three celebrated musical artists have reached more than 150,000 students in over 500 financial literacy presentations in 34 states. Each powerful program delivers common sense knowledge to hundreds of young people most often learning about personal finance principles and management for the first time.  Students then are motivated to share their newly acquired knowledge with their families enabling them to make more informed financial decisions through a more open discussion about money.

Their artists, GOODINGCarter Hulsey and The Reminders, use the power of live performance and their own personal stories to inspire young people and show them how smart financial decisions will help them see their own dreams as possibilities.


What we offer

By using music as a bridge, students leave buzzing about the inspiring music and ready to harness money as a tool to succeed, achieve dreams and change lives.  The musical, energetic introductions are followed by meaningful messages from musicians about:

  • Basic Financial Principles
  • Dangers of Credit Card Debt and understanding compound interest rates
  • Pitfalls of Predatory Lending and Payday Loans
  • Creating Financial Savings and Investment Plans
  • Slow and Steady Wins the Race – Debunking the myth of overnight success
  • Earning while Learning to Save

Contact FTF to bring this unique tour to your educational institution. They are currently booking the 2020 academic year. The program supports or supplements educational goals of institutions across the country. Benefits to schools include:

  • Enhancing your existing financial literacy curriculum or providing an excellent introduction to the concepts
  • Giving real-world education and examples of how to manage money
  • Delivering information in an innovative, uplifting, unique and effective performance and presentation

Book Now:
Contact Head Booking Agent at to get your school on the tour schedule.

In addition to bringing the Financial Literacy Tours to middle schools, high schools and junior colleges, you will see FTF at partnership and community events often open to the public. These include:

  • Financial Services Conferences
  • Rocking the Federal Reserves
  • Partnership events with student orchestras and a FTF artist
  • Insurance Services Conferences
  • Educational Institution Conferences
  • Community Education Events

FTF gladly welcomes sponsorship at the local, individual school level all the way up to the national stage with all three artists.

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Carolyn Powell
CEO, Funding the Future