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By Shawn Walsh

InCharge Debt Solutions is dedicated to helping Americans achieve their financial dreams, including the dream of homeownership. Each year, we provide over 50,000 free budget and credit counseling session. Additionally, over 15,000 people take online homebuyer education courses powered by InCharge.

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Today’s first-time homebuyer is confronting incredible challenges, including the soaring cost of homes, rising interest rates, and inflation. Homebuyer education has never been more important. That’s why InCharge helps connect prospective buyers to practical education on how to buy, maintain and sustain affordable homeownership.

InCharge Debt Solutions is proud to announce the redesign and release of HomeTrek, an online homebuyer education course that helps students navigate the challenges of today, and more.

HomeTrek walks students through the homebuying process, debunking myths, promoting financial savvy, and setting them up for sustainable homeownership.

Course modules focus on how to become creditworthy for a home loan, how to calculate what you can truly afford, how to choose a real estate agent, shop around for a mortgage, and more. The newly designed also includes interactive calculators and emphasizes diversity and inclusion through visuals and scenarios.

HomeTrek fulfills the homebuyer education requirement for many down-payment assistance programs offered by state and local entities. Down-payments represent one of the biggest roadblocks to first-time homebuyers and down-payment assistance programs help people meet minimum requirements set by lenders. There are over 2,500 down-payment assistance programs in the United States. Borrowers can check with state and local housing authorities to learn about programs they may be eligible for.

In addition to launching a new and improved version of HomeTrek, InCharge has also launched a companion course for future landlords. The Landlord Education Course covers how to find reliable tenants, what to include in a lease, the importance of maintaining the property and how to handle issues like eviction.

Becoming a homeowner, despite current challenges, is still part of the American dream and a pathway building wealth and financial security. This is why InCharge continues to invest time and resources into helping Americans achieve this major financial milestone.

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