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Jassby is the mobile wallet for the family allowing parents to share money with their kids while teaching them about financial literacy. Parents can manage chores, allowances, and set savings goals with their kids and manage how they spend that money through the Jassby Mall and, coming soon, anywhere on or offline with the Jassby Virtual Debit Card.

Jassby’s mission is to help parents teach kids how to understand, manage and learn about how to handle money by doing through the features of the Jassby App.


What We Offer

The Jassby Mobile App for iOS is a free download and registration that parents share with their kids so they can work on learning the basics of financial literacy together.

  • The Jassby Wallet: A free mobile wallet for parents and kids where they can easily share real money
  • Chores Management: An app that allows parents to schedule, approve and reward good behavior around the home
  • Allowance Management: An app enabling parents to schedule and pay allowance on a schedule or completion of a chore
  • Budget & Savings Goals: A feature allowing parents and kids to set goals or products. Helping kids to learn about how to save for objectives over time and even allow parents, coming soon, to set matching rules or parent contributed interest
  • Charity Donations: A feature allowing kids and parents to set aside money for over 20 popular charities teaching kids to give back
  • The Jassby Mall: Directly inside the Jassby App, is a safe ecommerce mall where kids can spend their hard-earned savings and allowance on thousands of unique and name brand products including Apple, Samsung, Gift Cards, and more.

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What’s New

The Jassby Virtual Debit Card. Contactless mobile payments for kids, managed by parents through our app with No Monthly Fee!

Jassby will soon launch a way for kids to spend their Jassby balance online or anywhere Apple Pay is accepted. Parents can set spending limits, be notified of purchases, and even disable this feature remotely directly from the app on their phone. The virtual debit card will be integrated directly into the Jassby app without a physical card that can be easily lost or misplaced making it extra secure. For families that choose to activate the new service, it will have no monthly fee with active use.

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Coming in 2020, Jassby is launching the Virtual Debit Card. Contactless mobile payments for kids, managed by parents through the app with no monthly fee! Sign up to be the first to receive the card.

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