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Q&A with Bill Butler — CEO

So tell us, what’s new?
Hundreds of teachers work with Kachinga to collaborate on money management lessons. We just kicked off Financial Literacy Month on April 1 by joining City of STEM and the L.A. Maker Faire at Southern California’s largest festival of science and creativity designed to inspire the next generation of scientific leaders, makers, and creative thinkers! There were over 20,000 kids and families in attendance along with special appearances by Bill Nye: The Science Guy, California State Senator Bob Archuleta, and several other notable businesses and thought leaders. It was a fantastic event and a natural fit for Kachinga where we were front and center helping parents and kids learn about the importance of being smart with money.

What’s the impact this has had/or you hope it will have on moving financial literacy forward?
The kids attending this event were academically light years ahead of your average child, and all destined for remarkable things one day, yet it was apparent through conversation and anecdotes that education for them around financial literacy was still lacking. It was encouraging to run into existing Kachinga users who shared their positive feedback and also learn first-hand from other parents how excited they were that we had the perfect solution to help them at home to help teach their kids the foundations of smart money management.  This is one of many opportunities we have to connect with and make an impact on the community.

How do we learn more?
Visit to learn more about our products and partnership opportunities for schools, educators, employers and community organizations.

What else are you working on?
In the spirit of supporting the next generation and giving back as an organization, we have brought on small cohorts of business students from the USC Marshall School of Business and California State University, Long Beach College of Business to run student-led growth initiatives. The results of their work have been nothing short of amazing! The future is bright with these up-and-coming young professionals.

“We’re also growing!”
We recently expanded our advisory board with the addition of Susan Mitchell and Tom Ciulla.

Susan Mitchell’s focus on innovation, governance, thought leadership, and technology is well-balanced with her passion and care for people. She is a successful entrepreneur who started multiple companies and forged strategic alliances with Fortune 500 companies and financial institutions globally. Susan is also an active leader and volunteer on several boards and committees that focus on equity and economic inclusion within the industry.

Tom Ciulla is a Boston-based executive with expertise in sales, business development, partnership, and strategic alliances. Tom has an extensive record of driving revenue growth for top data, analytics, and technology companies. He’s a transformational business leader, and brings his record of success and numerous awards for leadership with Dun & Bradstreet, Core Logic, Black Night, and most recently Equifax. Being a father and husband, as well as an industry leader, Tom understands the importance of teaching kids healthy financial habits for life.

Tell us more about your organization
Kachinga is a FinTech company based in California. Our mission is to bring financial literacy to the next generation. We provide a mobile app and prepaid debit card program designed to teach kids and teens how to earn, save, give, and spend wisely in a digital world.


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