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Who We Are

LifeCents is a financial wellness company that empowers people to acquire the knowledge, build the habits, and gain the confidence they need to make smarter everyday decisions.


What We Offer

The LifeCents wellness platform helps people become financially aware, savvy, and engaged, which is of great value to businesses and communities. We achieve this through:

Personalized Guidance: LifeCents enables people to tell their financial story in order to understand their motivations, inspirations and aspirations as related to their financial goals. Based on their unique profile, LifeCents provides personalized recommendations, connecting people to the relevant tools, education, and resources to guide them on their financial journey.

Award-Winning Gamification: We leverage elements of gamification to create sustained engagement and build relationships. Along their journey, individuals earn points, gain levels, are incentivized with rewards, and take part in challenges aligned with desired program outcomes.

Measurable Progress: The LifeCents Financial Health Report gives individuals a comprehensive look at their financial health, shows them the progress they’ve made, and can help them focus their efforts in making improvements.

Comprehensive Data & Reporting:  Our on-demand access includes the ability to query data, create custom reports, and analyze data in aggregate or at the individual level (based on agreed upon permissions). User level permissions can be set for Reporting Portal users to ensure data security and that individuals have access to only the data they need.

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What’s New

Over the past 15 years we have learned the importance of taking time to understand the perspective participants of a program before going “all in” on program design and promotion. The way we achieve this is through having program participants complete our Financial Health Assessment as the first step of the program. This assessment is now available as a stand-alone 45 Day Wellness Challenge. Learn More.

The insights gained by this “first mile” have been used to evolve programs, target program funding, and make real impacts. Examples of our approach in action include:

AARP: In our national initiative with the AARP Foundation, titled MySavingsJar, we began by engaging participants around one simple goal: save $400. While driving users to make progress towards this goal, we simultaneously gathered additional information about their needs through the LifeCents Financial Health Assessment.

AARP and LifeCents worked together to implement a version of the LifeCents Community Board feature where participants could interact with an AARP community manager around the financial topics that are most important to them. The results? Over 40,000 registered users, $1,421,736 saved, and nearly 4,000 interactions within the Community Board, to date.

SAGE: SAGE USA is a national advocacy and services organization dedicated to serving LGBT elders. By engaging with SAGE and a small pilot group, we were able to use the Financial Health Assessment, paired with demographic data, to determine which financial health topics were the most relevant, contextualize many aspects of the LifeCents experience, and configure the program in a way that made the most sense for this population.

As a result, the program has seen 120% of its program enrollment goal for year one since its launch in August 2020. The data gathered thus far has provided key insights into the needs of this population and has helped SAGE determine which local and national resources may need additional funding, data they are able to bring to current and prospective funding partners. More on this program can be seen in the Forbes article Help For The Money Anxieties Of Older LGBT Adults.


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