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About Money Experience

Money Experience is an educational technology company addressing the need for personal finance education among young people and adults. With communities of all ages facing increasing financial challenges, especially during this past year, it’s more important than ever to understand how money works, and how to make it work for each of us – no matter our ambitions or personal measures of success.

The core Money Experience mission is to offer an effective and accessible financial literacy platform that helps users of all ages and backgrounds learn about money, plan their futures, and manage toward their goals.

Money Experience’s financial education programs use an online simulator and integrated graphic novel to walk users through the arc of life’s different moments and present a variety of choices that help demonstrate how each decision can impact one’s financial future.


Moving Financial Literacy Forward

Money Experience offers a unique, engaging way to teach financial education. Using an immersive life simulator and graphic novel, its personalized approach focuses on quality of life and personal priorities, and helps students gain perspective on how their lifestyle and financial choices will impact their futures. Students first set priorities for each phase of life and then make a variety of career, personal, and lifestyle choices. As each choice is made, they’ll see how it aligns with their priorities, impacts their quality of life and influences their finances. The financial model uses real life data to calculate the entire life arc of a person’s financial decisions including average salaries for different jobs, rents in different cities, interest rates, cost of living and more.

By bringing this new methodology to the table, Money Experience is expanding the scope of financial literacy and allowing young people to understand how financial topics relate to them as individuals. Moving beyond the traditionally taught perspective that addresses “how to make a financial decision”, Money Experience asks why the decision is being made, when it’s going to be important, and what the options are for making that decision.

In recent case study using data from the pre and post assessments built into the life simulator, 77% of Money Experience participants said they were likely or very likely to have serious conversations about finances with friends, family, or an advisor after completing the life simulator, indicating a high level of engagement in the topic. Participants also showed increased understanding of important financial topics, detailed in the graphic below, and provided written feedback on the program.


Connect With Money Experience

Money Experience is kicking Financial Literacy off with an exciting announcement: during the month of April, new and returning partners can buy two licenses and get one free! This offer, designed to help partners expand the reach of their financial literacy programs in local communities, is valid April 1 through April 30 to anyone making a purchase of 10 licenses or more.

Money Experience is also proud to announce that, starting this April, they are partnering with the The Massachusetts State Treasurer’s Office of Economic Empowerment to offer a free financial literacy course to 22 community colleges throughout the state. Participating colleges will receive access to Money Experience’s Essentials course, which will be available for a classroom setting or in a self-paced virtual format.

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