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A conversation with Annie Shoen
Co-Founder & COO, My First Nest Egg
So tell us, what’s new?
It has been a busy time for My First Nest Egg. We’ve been onboarding new partners, rolling out exciting in-person curriculums, building impactful content for a diverse audience, and being recognized for both our success and our story. We have been listening to our partners and growing our content and offerings based on their needs. What’s the impact has this had/or do you hope it will have on moving financial literacy forward?
My First Nest Egg is positively impacting kids of every socio-economic demographic. We recently raised the financial literacy scores of kids in a low-income after-school program by 13% with one month of the curriculum. We are committed to the principle that financial education is a need, not a want. We are partnering with institutions that are passionate about impacting a diverse audience with a solution that will actually be used by both parents and children.How do we learn more?
You can learn more about My First Nest Egg at our website. You can read about partnership opportunities at our partner page, and schedule a meeting while you’re there without our CEO Nicolle Hood. You can also reach us at

What else are you working on?
We are so excited to have recently launched our Spanish language initiative, where we speak in culture, instead of simply translating content meant for a different audience. After a successful test, we are adapting our technology for schools to make it easy for teachers to have a maximum educational impact in as little as 2 minutes a day with even elementary-aged kids. 

Tell us more about your organization
My First Nest Egg is a financial education platform for children ages 3-13. We partner with institutions that are passionate about bringing financial literacy to their communities. co-founders are female entrepreneurs, attorneys, and moms. This organization was born out of a true passion to give the next generation something they lacked: a financial education. While they’re not busy being boss ladies and running a company, they are evangelizing everyone who will listen to them about the epidemic they are determined to cure – financial illiteracy. Every part of their solution was designed by moms, teachers, and child psychologists – people whose entire lives are devoted to the welfare of the next generation. They see the synergy between their goal and the best interests of financial institutions and have crafted a platform that benefits everyone. 


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