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By Ashley Gordon, NCUA

The National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) is an independent federal agency created by the U.S. Congress to insure deposits at federally insured credit unions, protect the members who own credit unions, and charter and regulate federal credit unions.

A key part of our mission is to encourage financial literacy because we understand that when credit union members and consumers at large are more educated and informed, they are better equipped to make the best financial decisions for themselves and their families. NCUA offers a variety of tools to support consumers and credit unions in their efforts to build financial capability and mobility. is the NCUA’s official consumer financial protection website. This free consumer website provides timely and practical financial tips, interactive learning tools, fraud prevention, and financial resources relevant to various life events, like starting a first job, opening a savings or checking account, and obtaining a loan. Featured resources on include:

Online Learning Tools

  • Money 101 Quiz is an easy-to-use online quiz that tests users’ knowledge of the U.S. figures who are on dollars and coins.
  • World of Cents” is an engaging learning tool designed to help teach children ages 5 to 10 the value of money. While building their very own world full of playhouses, children learn the concepts of earning, saving, and spending money. Users even have the option of viewing their world in 4D.

Infographics and Explainers

  • Empowering Youth to Save is an infographic that provides young people, educators, parents, and caregivers with valuable information about starting good personal finance habits in early childhood. This factor can lead to long-term personal financial success. The infographic also includes links to resources from the NCUA and other federal agencies that help support youth savings habits.
  • What is a Credit Union? is an infographic that provides an easy and interactive way for people of all ages to understand how and why credit unions operate as member-owned, not-for-profit, financial cooperatives. The infographic also highlights the differences between credit unions and banks.
  • ABLE Accounts is a simple explainer on what people should know about Achieving a Better Life Experience accounts and how they serve persons live with disabilities.
  • Cryptocurrency Basics is an easy-to-follow infographic that defines cryptocurrency, its risks, and common scams consumers are seeing in the crypto asset space. The page also includes an informative video that provides answers to common questions about cryptocurrency.
  • The Family Financial Education Activity Calendar offers monthly activities for families to engage their children on different aspects of finance. This resource highlights important topics like planning for college, opening credit union accounts, and summer job planning.

Consumer Tips Videos
The NCUA offers a series of short videos to address financial topics, trends, and frequent money management misconceptions.

Consumer Resources

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We wanted to share additional information from last week’s edition regarding DoughMain’s “100 Educators in Personal Finance” program. The goal is to provide access to high-quality FitKit Personal Finance Programs at no cost for one year to 100 personal finance educators working in low-moderate income school districts that lack the resources or expertise needed to meet state Financial Literacy requirements.


  • According to Communities in Schools, approx.1 in 5 children live in poverty and these students (mostly students of color) have less experienced instructors and less access to high-level science, math, and advanced placement courses resulting in great challenges in meeting educational requirements.
  • By providing 1 educator with FitKit programs, DMFLF can impact as many as 250-500 students per year and 100 educators can impact 25,000 to 50,000 students annually.

For More Information Contact:

Mr. Robert M. Church, M.Ed.

Executive Director

DoughMain Financial Literacy Foundation

Office: 609.751.3300 ext. 301

  • In 2023, NCUA is launching a free newsletter with tools and other resources that support our partners in their financial education efforts. Email us at to be added to the subscriber list.

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