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Who We Are

Next Gen Personal Finance (NGPF) is on a mission to revolutionize the teaching of personal finance in all schools and to improve the financial lives of the next generation of Americans. Founded in 2014, NGPF provides personal finance curriculum resources for over 45,000 middle and high school teachers, an extensive suite of live and on-demand Teacher PD, and advocacy support by partnering with educators to expand access to personal finance courses, all AT NO COST.


Moving Financial Literacy Forward

NGPF is partnering with some of the nation’s largest school districts serving students of color to help solve the following problem: at schools with over 75% students of color, just 1 in 14 high schoolers are guaranteed to take a personal finance course before graduation.

NGPF’s Financial Empowerment & Equity program (FEE Grant) provides grant funding and support to build a financial education culture. The first two grant recipients, Miami Dade County Public Schools (FL) and Milwaukee Public Schools (WI), have hired personal finance specialists to provide curriculum support and professional development workshops to teachers in their districts. NGPF has three remaining spots for partner districts, with a focus on the largest 40 districts in the U.S., for the Financial Empowerment & Equity program.

Interested educators and district leaders, contact to inquire.

In the wake of the economic crisis brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, NGPF community members are also navigating the intricacies of state legislation as they testify in support of bills in over 25 states this session that prioritize financial education for high school students. Check out this inspiring video of Financial Literacy Teacher Leader and NGPF Teaching Fellow, Vincent Branch, testifying in support of a bill in Texas that would expand access to personal finance courses statewide.

Financial Literacy Month Event

NGPF hopes to see you online at the NGPF 2021 Financial Literacy Month Conference on Saturday, April 24th! The conference showcases 18 new, timely, and updated Virtual PD sessions, with a bonus 1 hour session on the ‘State of Financial Education in the U.S.’ They are excited to gather educators from all around the country to learn and engage together on all things financial education – especially with April being FinLit Month. Please join them; as with all things at NGPF, the conference is free and open to all!

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What’s New

  • Certification Courses: Educators can now strengthen their content knowledge in 10-hour NGPF Certification Courses. To become NGPF-certified, teachers participate in 10 hours of professional development and then score 80% or greater on a 1-hour exam. Courses are available in 10 content areas, including Banking & Budgeting, Credit, Taxes, Insurance, Behavioral Finance, Paying for College, and more! Spring and Summer Cohorts now available for registration. Join teachers who have already earned 5700  certifications; sign up for our next cohort which starts on April 20th!

  • On-Demand PD: NGPF has released the first 23 self-paced 1-hour modules in the On-Demand PD series. Learn about Budgeting in the Gig Economy, or change a financial habit after completing the Power of Habit or learn how young people can establish credit in Building Credit. Complete these modules on your own schedule and at your own pace while earning NGPF Academy credits. Find out why more than 1,000 teachers have completed an average of 4 modules since mid-January.

  • Mission: 2025 Challenge By 2025, NGPF’s goal is that 100% of high school students will have access to a personal finance course. U.S. high schools that launch new one-semester personal finance courses starting in the 2021-2022 school year will receive $1,000 grants from NGPF, with $1 million to be awarded. The Mission: 2025 Challenge is an important stepping stone on the way to NGPF’s longer-term Mission: 2030, when all students are not only offered but guaranteed to take a personal finance course by the year 2030.

  • Math Collection Because personal finance and math are so intertwined, NGPF’s new collection of math activities is designed for math teachers who want to include real-world personal finance application problems in their instruction. These activities can also be used by personal finance teachers who are looking to incorporate essential math skills.


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