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By Eddie Eames, Chief Marketing Officer for NTC

NTC connects our clients with schools in their community to promote beneficial behaviors and life skills to students in grades K-12. With operations in the United States, Australia and New Zealand, we are empowering students, teachers and families to embrace positive change and achieve a brighter future.

Our award-winning educational programs deliver messaging on financial literacy, energy conservation, emergency preparedness, STEM enrichment, health and wellness, water and environmental stewardship, social responsibility and other topics important to our clients. We customize our community outreach programs to reach the goals that matter to our partnering organizations, whether that’s customer education, workforce development, brand awareness, marketing, public relations value, corporate social responsibility or striving to make the world a better place.


What We Offer

  • Live in-school events: NTC’s educational all-school assemblies deliver important messaging through live, interactive theatre, reaching students, teachers and administrators at schools across the country. These programs engage students on an emotional level, creating a meaningful experience around financial education. Virtual assemblies are an option to schools who prefer digital delivery as well.


  • Money Smart 2.0 curriculum package. Upgraded from the FDIC’s curriculum, Money Smart 2.0 includes in-depth information, activities, quizzes and assessments for K-12 students, family members and educators. The new and improved Money Smart 2.0 was recently expanded and redesigned to get students and their families excited about using money wisely. These comprehensive resources don’t only lead to wealthier, more secure communities; they also allow our partnering organizations to receive CRA credit. Money Smart 2.0 meets the curriculum review requirements of Content, Utility and Quality as established by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB).

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What’s New

NTC has combined an exciting language arts piece with a problem-solving, critical thinking game to create a unique classroom learning toolkit around financial education. NTC’s graphic novel Mad About Money teaches valuable lessons to students on prioritizing wants and needs, credit and debt, budgeting and money management, and the relation between education and earnings. This comic book-style story engages students with wonderful storylines and eye-popping artwork. The graphic novel is supported by Power Play, a hands-on classroom learning experience that turns individual classrooms into academically-focused escape room. The Mad About Money graphic novel and Power Play game both align with the Jump$tart National Standards in K-12 Personal Finance Education.


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Coalition Corner

Teachers need you, and we need them. The Jump$tart Coalition is looking to secure sponsorship to expand our reach and extend the opportunity for more teachers to attend our annual National Educator Conference this fall.

Your scholarships eliminate cost barriers for teacher participation and makes a tangible and immediate impact. On average, each of our teacher attendees reaches more than 100 students per year — and since most go on to teach for years to come, the benefit is exponential.

To become sponsor, click here. For additional information, please contact Dan Hebert at