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A conversation with Sam Abrahamson | Co-founder, onomy

So tell us, what’s new?
We released a bunch of new mini-courses during Financial Literacy Month in April, bringing our total number of free financial literacy courses up to 10! Creators on now cover a larger variety of topics, from budgeting, to saving, investing, retirement, achieving financial independence, and lots more. One of our recent courses, “Making the Most of your 9-5” also covers salary negotiation for anyone starting a new job.


What’s the impact this has had/or you hope it will have on moving financial literacy forward?
onomy’s mission is to empower young adults with the knowledge needed for adulthood, and we do so through all sorts of free education related to financial literacy, and other topics like career-readiness and personal development. We want to create the best library of free, relatable educational content so that we can help young people enter adulthood more prepared than previous generations to tackle life’s biggest challenges!

How do we learn more?
Check out our website at and follow us on Instagram at

What else are you working on?
We recently launched multiple podcasts in some of our other content categories, and we have more coming up related to financial literacy as well! The fall will be an exciting time for us as we release more financial literacy content in the form of podcasts and web series.

Tell us more about your organization
At onomy, our mission is to empower young adults with the knowledge needed for adulthood. We teach topics that are core to living life in this country – financial literacy, career-readiness, and personal development – by leveraging some of the biggest and most credible content creators on social media in these categories. All of our content is free and is designed to make intimidating topics more relatable and easy to understand.

Sam Abrahamson
onomy co-founder