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Who We Are

Operation HOPE is a nonprofit for-purpose organization working to disrupt poverty and empower economic inclusion for low and moderate-income youth and adults

Since 1992, Operation HOPE has been moving America from civil rights to “silver rights” with the mission of making free enterprise and capitalism work for the underserved—disrupting poverty and empowering economic inclusion for millions of low and moderate-income youth and adults across the nation.

Through their community uplift model, HOPE Inside, Operation HOPE has served more than 4 million individuals and directed more than $3 2 billion in economic activity into disenfranchised communities – turning check-cashing customers into banking customers, renters into homeowners, small business dreamers into small business owners, minimum wage workers into living wage consumers, and uncertain disaster victims into financially empowered disaster survivors.

Project 5117 is their multi-year four-pronged approach to combating economic inequality that aims to improve financial literacy, increase business role models and business internships for youth in underserved communities, and stabilize the American dream by boosting FICO scores

Operation HOPE has received four consecutive 4-star charity ratings, for fiscal management and commitment to transparency and accountability by the prestigious nonprofit evaluator, Charity Navigator.

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What We Offer

HOPE Inside Adult includes Credit and Money Management, Homeownership, Small Business Development and Digital Small Business Development programs.

HOPE Inside Youth includes an award-winning youth financial literacy program, Banking On Our Future; HOPE Business In A Box Academies, their youth entrepreneurship program; and Internship America, which focuses on job skills training.

HOPE Inside Disaster is their disaster preparedness and recovery programming division. HOPE Coalition America is the central programming arm of HOPE Inside Disaster and HOPE Inside The Workplace which provides their core programming as a wellness benefit to employees.

Operation Hope also has key initiatives that extend the work of HOPE – the HOPE Global Forum, an annual leadership conference; HOPE Commitments; Automotive/STEM education for youth, and soon-to-launch work targeting women entrepreneurs and young people in the creative arts.


What’s New

HOPE is proud to announce the launch of their new app, HOPE in Hand. HOPE in Hand offers the same innovative financial education and coaching services traditionally offered through a physical 150+ national location network—extending access to HOPE Inside programming to millions of Americans. This new digitized platform places the power of HOPE Inside at the fingertips of individuals seeking financial coaching support to manage credit and money, start businesses, purchase homes, or recover financially from a disaster, like the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s available for download in Google Play and Apple App Stores.


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