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Emerging technologies and shifts in demographics are changing the way we work. Through Access Your Potential, PwC is helping build a more diverse, tech-skilled workforce to benefit our firm, our clients and our economy, while creating a better future for tomorrow’s leaders.

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What’s New

As part of PwC’s Access Your Potential® commitment, we are dedicated to supporting educators with access to resources to help prepare themselves and their students for the future workforce. With that, we are excited to offer all US educators free access to one of the digital tools we use to upskill our own workforce, PwC’s Digital Fitness Assessment app. 

The Digital Fitness Assessment App provides short, “on-the-go” content on emerging technologies as well as educator specific articles, videos, listicles, and infographics that can easily be incorporated into classroom lessons, made possible through support from the PwC Charitable Foundation.

So, how exactly does this benefit teachers? 

Great question! The Digital Fitness App goes beyond defining emerging technologies , but also provides you with the “how to” of applying these tools and concepts in your own classrooms through engaging learning activities with students!

Access the App

Download the app now to access digital content!

There are two steps to access the DFA App and Register:

1. Download the ‘Digital Fitness Assessment’ App from the Apple App Store (iPhone) or Google Play (Android) onto your mobile device.

2. Fill out your details in the registration form and create a password.

Note: Please register with your school email address

The Digital Fitness Assessment:

Getting started is easy! Complete the assessment to understand your current level of digital proficiency (“how digitally fit you are”). The assessment takes 15-20 mins to complete.

Digital Fitness Score

Like with anything else, the more you consume content, the more proficient you will become, and the more your score will increase!


Earn Your Future Digital Lab

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@PwCUS is supporting educators to prepare students for the future workforce by giving its Digital Fitness app to teachers for free, making learning #tech on-the-go easy.

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