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The Real-World Classroom teaching model emphasizes the decision-making process. By letting choices dictate learning outcomes, a differentiated experience is created naturally, students master content, and learn more about themselves and their personal approach to financial matters. The unique RWC “Life Lab” simulation platform allows students to make decisions that carry consequences both in their real-class experience and their virtual one.

Students create budgets and use discretionary funds to purchase privileges in class (ex: hall passes, seating assignments, or quiz/test resources) and develop an in-class lifestyle. ​They have real-world tools such as bank accounts, credit scores, and balance sheets. They purchase assets (both real in-class and virtual) and have to deal with unexpected life events. Ultimately, their simulation grade is determined by how well they have learned from their choices and planned ahead as students purchase their score!

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The Real-World Classroom was started by the inventor of the RWC teaching model, Brian Bean. With over 15 years of secondary education teaching experience and a master’s degree in Teaching Methodology, Brian has spent more than 10 years developing this unique model.

Our vision is to help students gain a meaningful experience with personal finance, help teachers shift their focus toward the decision-making process, and help schools change the way personal financial literacy is prioritized.


  • Product or service:  RWC Life Lab. The simulation software platform is web-based, requiring no installation or app to download. Through it, students track all of their financial resources with everything from bank accounts to credit scores, investment portfolios to insurance plans. Teachers create course templates customized to their classroom culture and use the software to enhance student engagement and learning experiences.
  • Product or service: The RWC Personal Financial Literacy Curriculum. Contains 13 units, over 50 lesson plans and presentations, activities, assignments, guides, and a 600+ question test bank. The curriculum is standard-aligned and includes everything a teacher would need.
  • Product or service: RWC Teacher Training Workshops. 1½ day training workshops where teachers create their own templated course customized to align with the culture of their classroom. In addition, the student-experience is modeled as teachers navigate the Life Lab simulation as a student of the training course. As such, teachers are required to budget funds, pay bills, purchase privileges, and eventually buy an RWC Teacher Certification.


Product or service:  The RWC Life Lab will roll out for the 2019-2020 academic year with the following new features!

  • Revamped bill-pay and balance sheets
  • Upgraded stock market and Global RWC Market
  • Healthcare Market Place
  • Improved (automated!) fines, grading, and RWC scores


Real-World Classroom Life Lab Simulator

Real-World Classroom Personal Financial Literacy Curriculum


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Stop the boredom with the RWC! #REALIFYnotGAMIFY The Real-World Classroom converts personal finance classes into an ongoing real-life simulation that is fully integrated into the classroom.


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