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By Ginie Lynch, Director of Communications, SFEPD

The Society for Financial Education and Professional Development, Inc. (SFEPD) teaches financial literacy programs to individuals of all ages and backgrounds, with a focus on college students from communities of color, and provides unique professional development opportunities for educators nationwide. Our customized financial education programs benefit universities, colleges, churches, nonprofits, government agencies, corporations, and individuals at the national and local levels.

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SFEPD Summer Financial Literacy Camp

In July, SFEPD hosted its first weeklong virtual Financial Literacy Camp for high school students to learn practical personal finance skills and professional development knowledge in a fun environment. Students expanded their horizons by working as part of a team in group challenges with others from across the country. The campers not only increased their financial know-how but acquired skills in communication, leadership, team building, and professional development. For their efforts, the campers received a t-shirt and a certificate of completion and competed for gift cards and cash prizes.

SFEPD’s Student Ambassadors, who train fellow college students in financial literacy skills on HBCU campuses, served as camp counselors. A counselor commented that she enjoyed helping the high school campers learn about financial topics and sharing life lessons with them. Learning how to save, spend and invest wisely to prepare for their futures were key takeaways for the campers. In the words of one camper, “I really liked this camp and would love to return. It exceeded my expectations!” SFEPD’s plans for next summer’s Financial Literacy Camp are already in the works.

14th Financial Literacy Leadership Conference

Each year, SFEPD hosts a Financial Literacy Leadership Conference that attracts over 200 policymakers, educators, researchers, and college students from across the nation.

Join us for SFEPD’s 14th Annual Leadership Virtual Conference on October 24-25 on “Pathways to Wealth,” where we will examine strategies to build wealth and obstacles that impede economic equity with top educators, financial experts, policymakers, researchers, consumers, and college students. To register, click here.

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