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By Vincent Young

The SIFMA Foundation is committed to addressing income inequality by fostering greater knowledge of the financial markets for young people of all backgrounds. Drawing on the support and expertise of educators and the financial industry, the Foundation provides financial education to strengthen economic opportunity across communities and increase awareness of the benefits of the global marketplace. Since 1977, the Foundation’s most notable program, The Stock Market Game, has guided more than 22 million students on their path to financial independence by attaining stronger life skills, improving academic achievement, and boosting their social-emotional learning.

For many students in grades 4-12, The Stock Market Game™ (SMG) is their first exposure to money management and financial decision making. SMG students are tasked with building a successful investment portfolio by investing a hypothetical $100,000 in stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. As they invest, they learn and practice a variety of academic and life skills (math, ELA, personal finance, investing, communication, group decision-making, etc.) For more information visit

All current SMG students are eligible to participate in the InvestWrite national essay contest, where they apply their newly acquired financial knowledge to proposing possible solutions to common economic and financial challenges. InvestWrite is an effective summative and writing assessment tool for teachers. For more contest dates, rules, and prizes visit

The Capitol Hill Challenge (CHC) is a national invitation-only version of SMG. In addition to the skill and knowledge building SMG provides, CHC teams have the unique opportunity to learn from their Member of Congress. The top performing teams are acknowledged nationally and may even go on a trip to Washington. Additional information is available at

The Invest It Forward™ (IIF) program connects financial industry professionals with Stock Market Game classes to share firsthand career experiences. A special suite of IIF lessons ensure these meetings are productive and engaging. IIF is an industry-wide initiative encompassing hundreds of financial firms that are committed to giving your students a firm understanding of the capital markets and the tools to achieve their life goals. Arrange for a class visit today at

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Registration in the SIFMA Foundation’s Stock Market Game is your key to unlocking access to practical financial education lessons and essential investment skills.

Registration for the Fall 2022 semester is open now. Begin your financial journey and that of your students today. Visit and click “Register.”

If you are looking for help starting The Stock Market Game with your students try “SMG Essentials,” our latest and most accessible series of education videos. You can watch them and other videos on our YouTube channel.

Keep an eye out for SMG Invest Quest (SMG IQ), our new investment simulator. With SMG IQ students witness how investments grow over time. They select stocks from a small, curated portfolio and “track” their selections through the course of several months to a decade. SMG IQ launches this fall!

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Vincent Young