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By Karly Farley, Stukent

Our mission at Stukent is to help educators help students help the world.

We fulfill our mission by providing relevant, up-to-date courseware to students and educators around the world.

Stukent is NOT a publisher, but a courseware provider. As a digital courseware provider, Stukent takes education beyond the bounds of traditional textbook publishing. All our content is updated every year and packed with the latest hands-on resources to keep instructors in-step with the industry.

We are proud to be inducted to Inc. 5000’s list of fastest-growing companies in America three years running.

Moving Financial Literacy Forward

One of our main goals is to set a higher standard for financial literacy through our revolutionary Mimic Personal Finance Simulation.

We’ve partnered with credit unions like Idaho Central Credit Union, which has generously offered to provide students in Idaho and Eastern Washington with 5 years of free access to our Mimic Personal Finance Simulation.

Teachers in Idaho and Eastern Washington can check if their school already has paid access to the Mimic Personal Finance Courseware here.

To learn more about how you can help get local credit unions in your region, please visit to see how you can get involved.

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What’s New

We recently announced updates to our Mimic Personal Finance Courseware that will ultimately help the implementation and learning processes even easier.

As a part of our ongoing effort to improve the education of our student users and the experience of our teachers, we’re proud to announce exciting improvements to the Mimic Personal Finance Simulation! Each update has been designed to make this courseware even easier, simpler, and more fun to implement into your classes.

Brian Bean, the creator of Mimic Personal Finance (previously known as Real World Classroom) and Stukent’s VP of Classroom Experience, had this to say about the updates:

“I am super excited for the changes that have been made to Mimic Personal Finance. The Setup Wizard not only will make the course set up process easier for teachers, but also give them an added dimension of control they haven’t had in the past. The one that gets me most excited though is the MPF Grades that will replace the Sim Scores. Teachers have never had this level of assessment control and insight as to how well their students are doing in our simulation and this feature will take your experience to a whole other level.”

Our three favorite upgraded features include:

  • The Course Setup Wizard – This new tool walks you through the course setup process by asking you questions and setting up your course for you based on your responses.

  • Mimic Personal Finance (MPF) Grades – The new Mimic Personal Finance grading system, MPF Grades, replaces the old Sim Scores and incorporates all of the various scores and metrics from the simulation into one composite grade.

  • In-Class Jobs – This new student-facing feature makes offering job opportunities to students in the simulation much simpler and easier.

Additionally, we recently came out with the Prep Period Podcast, which aims to provide high school teachers with actionable tips and quick wins they can implement in their class right away. Learn from guest speakers like internationally renowned financial literacy expert, Adam Carroll, and other educators and industry experts on the Prep Period Podcast. We’re currently getting ready to launch our second season in the Fall, where we plan to have at least one episode dedicated to financial literacy education each month. Don’t miss out on upcoming episodes and subscribe to the podcast on Apple Podcasts, YouTube, Spotify, or wherever you listen to podcasts!

Request Free Instructor Access to Mimic Personal Finance!

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Coalition Corner

  • Are you an organization that has financial resources that you’d like to get in the hands of educators? Do you know of one? Registration is open to exhibitors for Jump$tart Coalition’s National Educator Conference. If your organization, or one that you know would be interested in exhibiting, please visit our page here to download the registration form and secure your space!
  • Did you see Jump$tart’s CEO, Laura Levine’s op-ed in CNBC this week? Contrary to the naysayers, financial literacy is working! Please share this link with your audiences. CNBC Op-ed: The Sham Argument Against Teaching Personal Finance in Schools