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Founded in 1937, T. Rowe Price is an investment services company based in Baltimore that helps people make smart decisions about their money based on their financial needs and wants. Understanding basic financial principles is key to economic stability for individuals and communities.  That’s why T. Rowe Price is committed to helping people of all ages develop skills required to make wise financial decisions for themselves and their families.  Helping people become educated investors has been a part of the T. Rowe Price mission for over 80 years.

Moving Financial Literacy Forward

T. Rowe Price Broadens Their Financial Education Outreach By:

  • Promoting the development of basic counting skills in young children.
  • In K–12 education, they support the development of basic math and personal finance skills.
  • With young adults, their aim is to develop the high-level skills necessary for careers in the financial industry.
  • They give adults the tools to manage their own finances and help prepare their children for financial success.

As part of their commitment to financial education, T. Rowe Price created:

Money Confident Kids

Money Confident Kids® (MCK) is a free, five-step program to help middle school students understand long-term wealth building concepts and that every economic decision is associated with a time horizon.  By teaching kids financial education at a young age, they can make informed choices throughout their lives and plan for a more secure future.

The program focuses on three key areas: learning good financial habits early, having regular talks about money matters, and improving confidence among educators, parents, and kids.

Money Confident Kids® Website:
You can also check out other resources by visiting the Money Confident Kids® website.

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Money Confident Kids

What’s New

Money Confident Kids® Student Workbook:
The MCK Student Workbook provides lessons, activities, games and assessments covering the five steps of the program.  Designed for grades 6-8, the student workbook follows the story of Nikki from middle school to her college graduation and beyond.  Along the way you’ll get to know Nikki and her family and share her journey as she sets important financial goals along her time horizon and works to achieve them.

Money Confident Kids® Teacher Guide:
The MCK Teaching Guide is a complementary resource to the MCK Student Workbook for use in the classroom or at home. Use this guide to help ignite a dynamic conversation about spending, saving, and setting smart financial goals.

For each of the five concepts, you’ll find a standard set of components that guide students to develop a routine as they progress through the program. The MCK Teaching Guide details each concept that includes:

  • Clear, step-by-step lesson plans with sequencing suggestions, overviews, and key learnings and vocabulary
  • Engaging reading passages that model financial concepts through a character named Nikki, who starts as a  financially naive middle school student and grows into a savvy young professional
  • Real world worksheets, activities, and games
  • Assessments and answer keys


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