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For more than four decades, the Alpaugh Family Economics Center has been focused on the #WorkThatMatters. In the beginning, that meant bringing award-winning financial and economic education to teachers and students across Greater Cincinnati. That work continues, and their reach has since expanded to classrooms in 46 states. The Center also now delivers world-class research to drive better decision-making by clients in the public and private sectors. Every year, the Center’s research team consults with more than 30 business clients on their economic data and analysis needs.


Moving Financial Literacy Forward

The Alpaugh Family Economics Center offers a free, award-winning financial and economic education platform called $martPath. $martPath was designed by expert teachers, and meets content standards in Math, Social Studies, and ELA.

The Center also offers regular professional development workshops for K-12 educators; currently, those sessions are happening online, and have teachers participating from all over the country. They also offer an award-winning program called “StEP” (Student Enterprise Program). Students earn StEP bucks through good behavior and meeting classroom goals, then can choose to save (they pay them interest), spend, or donate those bucks to a charity they’ve selected. They run quarterly StEP stores, where the kids can buy school supplies, toys and gift cards with their bucks. Currently, StEP is functioning as an online store (due to the pandemic), but they typically travel to schools to allow the children to shop.

The Alpaugh Center also coordinates school and student teams for the Stock Market Game, Personal Finance Challenge, and other competitions.

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What’s New

The Alpaugh Center created and produced a series of $martPath music videos, featuring Sesame Street puppeteer Megan Piphus, and Grammy Award winner and Hall of Fame musician Bootsy Collins. The videos are designed for younger children, with fun, engaging songs that teach basic concepts including opportunity cost, goods v. services, types of transactions, and much more. The video series is currently airing on PBS and was a finalist for a 2020 Public Media Award.


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