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By Erin Prim, Client Services Coordi-gator & Marketing Manatee at Snigglezoo

Snigglezoo brings educational content to life to promote financial literacy for children. We focus on helping families raise money-smart and money-empowered kids by providing parents, teachers and socially conscious businesses with enriching, engaging materials that focus on real-world, core financial skills.


What We Offer

The Art of Allowance

The Art of Allowance Academy is a live, interactive course facilitated by John Lanza, creator of The Money Mammals and author of The Art of Allowance, that helps parents launch a money-smart learning program for their children. The course explains why parents should begin the allowance conversation early as well as how to start and grow a program as kids progress from toddlers to teens.

During the ninety-minute session, participants are introduced to concepts such as the three core money-smart skills, the Waiting Period (to help curb impulse buying) and the Breakthrough Allowance (for tweens and teens). They also address topics including the allowance and chore debate and difficult financial conversations as a large group and in smaller breakout sessions. This engagement equips them with tips and tactics they can use to give their kids a head start on saving, spending and sharing money wisely, no matter what their relationships with money have been.

The Art of Allowance Academy is also available for institutional presentations to employees, customers or members.

The Art of Allowance is a short, practical guide that helps parents craft an allowance program to teach their kids money smarts at any age. The book also explores the impact of commercialism and money’s role in daily life to provide a broader context for the financial journey upon which parents and their children are embarking. Both print and Kindle versions are available.

The Art of Allowance Podcast, a natural extension of its namesake book, features conversations with various guests, including parents, youth financial experts and sometimes both. Listeners will discover useful tips and techniques to help them craft their allowance programs as well as exciting, insightful ideas that will help the children in their lives become money-smart and money-empowered.

The Money Mammals

For over a decade, The Money Mammals have been making financial education fun for kids and their families. Joe the Monkey and his friends encourage children to “Share & Save & Spend Smart Too” in video, song and print. All of our materials come with free, downloadable teaching and reading guides that are suitable for both in-school and at-home learning.

We partner with socially conscious businesses that want to stand out from their competition so that it’s easier (and more fun!) to attract new customers. Our comprehensive “Saving Money Is Fun Kids Club” youth account program helps financial institutions reach families and schools in their communities. With our live shows, creative services team and online catalog of excellent customized products, we help our partners develop youth marketing and education plans that encourage kids to build smart money habits from a very early age.

Additionally, our entertaining and educational suite of products for children includes financial literacy apps, online games, award-winning picture books and videos. We also provide online content and products, like our recently updated Money Empowerment Kit, to help educate parents about raising money-smart kids.

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What We Need

Partners for The Art of Allowance Project — Teen Content

As part of our commitment to raising a generation of money-empowered kids, we are interested in partnering with other organizations to expand our offerings by providing resources that make financial literacy learning fun and help children of all ages. If your institution creates or distributes financial literacy content for tweens or teens, then we would like to discuss how we might work together to encourage older children and their families to get money-smart and money-comfortable to live happier, fulfilled lives.


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