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The Society for Financial Education and Professional Development, Inc. (SFE&PD) teaches financial literacy with an emphasis on college students primarily from communities of color and provides professional development opportunities for educators nationwide. Universities, colleges, churches, nonprofit, government agencies and individuals benefit from our financial education programs. Each year, SFE&PD hosts a Financial Literacy Leadership Conference that attracts over 250 policy makers, educators, researchers, and college students. Stay tuned for more information about a dynamic annual financial literacy leadership conference coming your way this fall!


Moving Financial Literacy Forward

Student Ambassador Program 

SFE&PD spearheads an innovative Student Ambassador Program to train college students to teach their peers essential financial knowledge and skills. SFE&PD trains the Student Ambassadors in personal finance concepts to enable them to lead and teach engaging financial classes to fellow students. Today, through this program, they are partnering with 19 historically Black colleges and universities (HBCUs) to teach seminars on saving, investing, banking, budgeting, credit, student loan management and more.

Student Financial Literacy Summit

On February 12, 2021, over 250 people attended SFE&PD’s virtual 2021 Financial Literacy Summit for students and campus communities at the 19 HBCUs in the Student Ambassador Program. The event was hosted by SFE&PD’s Social Media Coordinator Yulianna Charris and run by Student Ambassadors. Topics included why financial literacy is important, how to make a budget and manage credit, and the value of investing. The engaging and fun event included a celebrity guest – Actor/Comedian Chris Tucker, who spoke to the students about saving money and planning for their future!

Financial Literacy Month: April 2021

During April’s Financial Literacy Month, Student Ambassadors will host specialized financial literacy events, which will include Financial Jeopardy Game nights with prizes to teach their peers about important economic concepts.

In the four years since the Student Ambassador Program was established, HBCUs continue to reach out to SFE&PD to request this program be initiated at their colleges and universities. If your organization would like to partner with SFE&PD to support the Student Ambassador Program at colleges or universities, please email them at or call at 703.920.3807.

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What’s New

AFCPE® Scholarship Award

The Association for Financial Counseling and Planning Education (AFCPE®) Strategic Impact Fund awarded over $13,000 to SFE&PD to fund the Money Management Essentials course and the AFC® (Accredited Financial Counselor®) education and exam for students at historically Black colleges and universities (HBCUs) who participate in SFE&PD’s Student Ambassador Program.

The scholarship provides for 25 Student Ambassadors to take the Money Management Essentials course, an online course administered by AFCPE. Upon completion of the course, Student Ambassadors will receive a certificate, which will give them opportunity to take the next step to become AFCPE certified financial counselors. The funding also provides for 5 college students to take the AFC® certification program, which will put students on the path to become accredited financial advisors.


SFE&PD recently launched its own financial literacy app! Download the free app from the App Store and learn how to become financial fit!


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