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By Gene Natali, CEO of Troutwood

“100% of High School students deserve a plan to achieve their financial dreams.  That’s what we have built at Troutwood.” – Gene Natali, CEO Troutwood

Troutwood is a financial technology company based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Founded out of Carnegie Mellon University’s Swartz Center for Entrepreneurship, we design and develop financial applications and educational tools built around a ‘save first’ philosophy.

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Create your first financial plan with the Troutwood App

Troutwood believes every young person in America can build a plan for a career of their choosing, in a location of their choosing, with a financial goal of their choosing with ZERO barriers to doing so. The Troutwood App gives students the ability to explore colleges, careers, and locations and also personalize a plan that meets real financial goals!  The Troutwood App is free to download and it’s ad-free.

The Missing Semester:  FREE
For the remainder of the Spring 22’ school year, The Missing Semester & The Missing Second Semester are FREE in the Troutwood APP.  Both books can be accessed under Tools – Library.  220 Quiz questions, a teacher guide and “Ask the Author” button are all included.

TROUTWOOD MAP:  Investment Education

Investment education is the missing piece in financial literacy (and core focus of The Missing Second Semester linked above). With the Troutwood Map, students can safely explore and learn about the Stock Market.

“Investing is a long-term relationship and we believe that a company is much more than its ticker symbol. – Jeff Davidek, Chief Strategist Troutwood

More by Troutwood:

  • Buy Sell Hold: A fun and fast (60-second) investment game that uses real historical stock market data.  Boost your score with the ngpf quiz-bank.
  • Finmoji: Your financial trustee (Coming Fall 22’)
  • Finulator: A comprehensive and data driven financial & career simulator (Coming Fall 22’)


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