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Q&A with Gene Natali, CEO Troutwood

So tell us, what’s new?
Students can create their first personal financial plan with the
Troutwood App!   
Just tap the blue “build plan” button and explore 13.5 million unique career and cost of living combinations. No login, first name, last name or email needed.  No in-app or “sponsored” ads. The Troutwood App was intentionally designed with near zero barriers to entry.

What’s the impact this has had/or you hope it will have on moving financial literacy forward?

Every student has equal access to information shared in the classroom. Regardless of the zip-code someone may live in, their level of wealth, GPA, college or career choice, EVERY student can now build a personal financial plan, with Troutwood.

Fun Fact:  We etched “17” into our logo as a reminder that the age of 17, represents society’s last chance to reach nearly everyone, in one place.  The classroom!  It is imperative, that as a society, we do not miss this window of opportunity.

How do we learn more?
Please download the Troutwood App and build a plan.  Ask your students to do the same.
Visit to learn more. If you have questions or comments, please email us:

What else are you working on?
Our team of software engineers are hard at work building new tools and features for you and your students.  We dream of a world where EVERY high school student graduates with a working financial plan. The Troutwood App makes this dream possible.

Tell us more about your organization
Troutwood provides individuals and institutions with conflict-free financial planning and investor education tools. Thanks to many years of hard work from Jump$tart, ngpf, FoolProofMe, Junior Achievement, non-profits, educators, advocates and countless others, financial education is receiving the recognition that has long been needed.  Troutwood is the action step that follows financial literacy education.

Gene Natali, CEO:

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