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The UChicago Financial Education Initiative seeks to empower all individuals to navigate the financial system with confidence, make informed and reasoned financial decisions throughout their lives, and realize long-term financial well-being.

We believe a comprehensive approach to improving financial education is essential. The foundation of our work is based on five pillars: research, advocacy, materials, systemic supports, and partnerships.

Advocating for unbiased, high-quality financial education
Our advocacy toolkit provides parents and community members with step-by-step guidance on reaching out to local education officials about the need for unbiased, high-quality financial education curricula and offers outreach materials and templates on its importance. Download the Financial Education Advocate Toolkit here.

Approaching financial education with the same rigor as core subjects 
finEDge is a comprehensive, single-semester program designed to prepare high school students to navigate financial decisions with confidence. The program’s content and pedagogical approach are based on learning science, behavioral change research, and financial education experiences.

Starting the conversation
According to research, families are the single most influential factor in learning about money. UChicago Financial Education Initiative designed the Talking Cents conversation cards to help spark discussions of all kinds among family and friends. Learn more here.

Find us in the Jump$tart Clearinghouse!

Unique opportunity for high school financial education teachers: Participate in a special finEDge cohort during the 2022-23 school year. Teachers will receive teacher and student materials, professional development, and ongoing support at no cost. Learn more here! 

Digital Games: We are excited to share our new digital games—the latest offering for finEDge teachers. The finEDge digital games are uniquely effective tools for promoting the adoption of productive financial behaviors and attitudes. The games are designed to be used as part of the finEDge program and are accompanied by lessons to guide integration of learning from the games with learning from the corresponding modules.

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How can we ensure students are prepared to make informed financial decisions throughout their lives? By providing unbiased, research-based, high-quality financial education for all. Learn more @FinEdInitiative #finEDge #financialeducation

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A special note from our CEO, Laura Levine:

“Jump$tart is a coalition of organizations; but it is certainly the employees of those organizations that put their hearts and souls into supporting the financial literacy effort. Today, on National Employee Appreciation Day, Jump$tart recognizes the employees of our partner and affiliate organizations, as well as the employees of schools across the country who are moving financial literacy forward.  And personally, I thank the Jump$tart team for their dedication to this organization and for just being who they are.”

Every year in March, we celebrate Women’s History Month. There is a saying that “when you educate a woman, you educate a nation.” This month, give the gift of financial education to young women in your life. The Jump$tart Clearinghouse is our online database hosting over 900 financial education resources. Visit the website here and bring some young women with you!