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Who We Are

Young Investors Society (YIS) is a non-profit organization that provides FREE online high school enrichment curriculum that teaches financial literacy through interactive courses, lessons and programs that teach the fundamentals of earning money, saving, budgeting, banking, investing, career exploration and so much more.

YIS courses and lessons teach long term, fundamental investing principles that emphasize the importance of saving and investing for the future. You can learn more about YIS on their website at www.YIS.ORG.


What We Offer

School Sponsored Clubs: Students will learn to create life-changing habits to save and invest for the future in a fun team environment supported by local teachers on campus. Each local chapter will learn the fundamentals of personal finance and progress through the program to learn the more advanced concepts of saving and investing. Students will compete with other YIS students using the MyYIS Portfolio, gain leadership experience and learn many life lessons (e.g. hard work, patience, teamwork, etc.) They will also have an opportunity to participate in all other YIS programs.

YIS Global Online Club: Young Investors Society will launch the YIS Global Online Club for new YIS students and for students who do not have an established YIS club that meets regularly. The YIS Global Online club provides alternative ways for students to learn and access YIS course concepts, interactive Prezi presentations, videos, and lessons taught by our YIS Student Advisory Board Members. Discussion forums and chat options will give students the unique chance to discover the viewpoints of each of their classmates as well as the opportunity to share their own thoughts and ideas.

Courses & Lessons: Young Investors Society has created a curriculum written by some of the top investors in the world, complete with 30+ turn-key lesson plans that teach many fundamental investing concepts including accounting, finance, ethics, economics, psychology, mathematics, business strategy and entrepreneurship. YIS lessons are comprised of online interactive activities, engaging presentations and curriculum support videos along with peer-led activities focused on financial literacy lessons that emphasize the importance of saving and investing for the future.

Stock Pitch Competition: This competition is the culmination of investment skills gained during the year and provides students hands-on mentoring in financial analysis. Students (individually or in teams of two) create a “best stock idea” and analyze a publicly traded company. Each student/team writes a report on their chosen company with a “Buy” or “Sell” recommendation and then defends their analysis in a written report and brief to a panel of university professors and industry professionals. The winners advance through state, regional and a global competition, where one team emerges as the Global Stock Pitch Champion. The competition rewards long-term, original business analysis, and presentation skills.

“Dollar-a-Day” Challenge: Young Investors Society challenges every student to start saving and investing their own money into a personal brokerage account. This program allows the students to experience the power of compound interest with real money and to create great habits that will help them secure their financial future. Students can also compete for a scholarship match by submitting a brief essay. A limited number of YIS students (1 in 5) will receive a scholarship match for their contributions for the year. This program helps students develop the lifetime habit of saving and investing for retirement as well as to understand the value of long-term decisions.

CYIA® Designation: The highest achievement within Young Investors Society, students qualify by studying for and passing a rigorous 60-question online finance exam, maintaining a high GPA, participating in community service, and passing an interview with a YIS Board Member. The CYIA® Designation is widely recognized by top Universities and Employers as a top honor for teenagers around the world.

CFA Institute Investment Foundations® Program: The CFA Institute Investment Foundations Program covers the essentials of finance, ethics, and investment roles, providing a clear understanding of the global investment industry. This 80-hour online learning experience is designed for anyone who wants to enter or advance within the investment management industry, including IT, operations, accounting, administration, and marketing. Candidates who successfully pass the online exam earn the CFA Institute Investment Foundations Certificate, demonstrating a mastery of core foundational principles of the investment profession.

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What We Need

We are looking for teachers that would like to start a YIS Club at their school either in-person or virtually.  We’ve seen the impact our programs have had on the lives of many high school students and we need your help to extend our reach.

Young Investors Society has made a strong commitment to help promote our FREE financial literacy programs to teachers and schools. We are looking to build awareness of our programs and expand the reach and distribution of our programs to high schools across the U.S. Register Today!


What’s New

Young Investors Society has launched the Money Skillz Bootcamp for students in 7th-12th grade! This beginner 10-hour course comprised of The Seven Golden Rules of Investing and the 5 Steps to Financial Freedom will give students a foundation in personal finance, saving, and investing that will lay the foundation for future YIS programs. This course can be started at any time and is structured as a student self-study course that meets all the criteria for current distance learning methods.

Students will learn the fundamentals of earning money, saving, budgeting, banking, investing, career exploration and so much more! Available NOW in the MYYIS Portal under Courses!


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