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Who We Are

Zogo is a free financial literacy mobile app with interactive educational modules on a variety of different topics, starting with budgeting but growing more complex as users advance through the app. The idea behind Zogo is simple: they pay their users to learn. Zogo believes that by rewarding students for completing lessons, they will be motivated to engage with the material and have the opportunity to apply some of the money management techniques they have learned.


What We Offer

Zogo’s app comes complete with more than 300 educational modules developed by Duke University Economics professors and students.

The app includes:

  • Educational content delivered in short, bite-sized snippets
  • A teenage version and an adult version, each with a specially tailored curriculum
  • Daily rewards to encourage students to remain consistent with their learning
  • Leaderboards so that students can engage with their friends and family
  • Gift card rewards to Amazon, Starbucks, Target, and more to motivate users to learn

Users start each educational module by learning five concepts before taking a five-question review quiz. By answering questions correctly, users earn points. Accumulate enough points and users win a $5 gift card to the store of their choice!

Zogo’s content covers saving and spending, insurance, taxes, investing, and much more. Their extensive financial literacy curriculum makes it a valuable tool for educators looking to expand their distance learning repertoire. Plus, the gamified learning experience, along with the gift card rewards, make Zogo a fun, engaging, and interactive experience for any student looking to take their financial future into their own hands.

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What’s New

The Zogo app now comes complete with daily financial news updates. These stories present the latest financial news clearly and simply, breaking down complex topics and allowing students to stay up to date with current events. Their news section is updated daily to encourage students to continue their financial education and allow them to see some real-world applications of the material they’re learning.


Connect With Our Partner

To learn more about Zogo and how their solution can help your school or community, email