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Who We Are

Wells Fargo provides the Hands on Banking program to the community as a free public service without any endorsements or advertising. The Hands on Banking program includes engaging, highly flexible activities that teach valuable financial skills by guiding students through real-life scenarios. For at-home learning, encourage your students to check out the self-directed courses by grade. Your students can learn all about money – where it comes from, how to earn it and keep it safe, and how to use it for good. In addition to educator resources, Wells Fargo also provide resources for parents and caregivers.


What We Offer

Hands on Banking offers a comprehensive suite of financial education articles, courses and tools designed for self-paced or group learning. Since 2003, Wells Fargo has reached over 9 million people with their financial education program through classes, workshops and their website. In 2019, over 1.3 million visitors from within the United States and abroad visited the award winning, free financial education program:

  • Available in English and Spanish
  • No commercial content, no product ties
  • Widely used in schools and by non-profits for nearly 15 years
  • Extensive age-specific (children through senior adults) and custom audience (entrepreneurs, military) curriculum
  • Flexible Web-based program and self-directed courses perfect for remote and at-home learning and traditional instruction delivery channels

Hands on Banking can help students address real-life financial situations including budgeting, opening accounts, managing credit, investing, steps to buying a car and starting a small business. There are several resources available to explore these financial topics, including Zing, a friendly and curious green alien that helps students in grades 4-5, or self-paced modules for high school students.

The youth curriculum is aligned to Common Core, financial literacy, economics, social studies, and family and consumer sciences standards, followed by many of the country’s school districts. Instructor guides packed with engaging and interactive activities, including worksheets, planning tips, classroom activities, and much more are available online at and

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What’s New

Hands on Banking for Youth is a new enhanced learning experience for students and K-12. Key highlights:

  • For students, Hands on Banking for Youth features advanced video capabilities and interactive exercises, enabling students to watch videos with Zing, Zoey, Angie, and Alex, which bring the lessons to life, and test their knowledge from any type of device.
  • For K-12 educators, Hands on Banking for Youth makes it easier for teachers to navigate and access new grade-appropriate resources – including lessons for elementary, middle and high school – on topics from spending, saving and giving back to cryptocurrency.
  • For families, Hands on Banking for Youth provides brand new tools, resources and activities to help parents, guardians, and caregivers continue important conversations about responsible money management with students at home – from determining allowances and budgeting for a fun family activity to understanding health insurance and reading a paycheck.

Hands on Banking for Youth will be accessible from your desktop, phone, or tablet at or
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