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A conversation with Blake Alison, Founder and CEO

So tell us, what’s new at LifeCents…

We understand that starting the journey towards better financial health can be daunting. We also know that information alone can only move the financial health needle so far. Our ultimate goal is to help people transform knowledge into action, which is why we are thrilled to introduce our new “Playbook” feature.

This innovative tool serves as a much-needed roadmap, offering individuals clear and tailored guidance to improve their financial well-being and achieve real-world success. It also provides a snapshot of the user’s financial health and progress toward their financial goals.

VetCents: A Case Study in Engaging Underserved Communities

What sets LifeCents apart is our ability to truly personalize the financial education and goal achievement experience for each participant. By understanding peoples’ unique circumstances, their backgrounds, and the communities in which they live, we can contextualize the content, goals, and specific action steps that are part of their personalized wellness plan.

Take for example VetCents, a private label version of LifeCents that has been designed specifically address the unique financial needs and circumstances of veterans, their families, and caregivers, which launched in November 2023. The content and user experience in VetCents speak specifically to the financial lives that are unique to the military community. In this way, VetCents can truly meet participants where they are.

A key part of the VetCents experience (and LifeCents, generally) is to connect participants with real-world partners, programs, and services that can support their financial journey. The data from VetCents already shows that veterans and other participants are connecting to veterans benefits and resources at extremely high rates. Specifically, nearly 70% of all VetCents users are accessing benefits and programs that have been recommended to them based on their financial health profile.

Perhaps the most important, compelling, and encouraging connection being made by veterans: financial counselors. Veterans are engaging with financial counselors to receive one-on-one help at similar rates as the other resources. This high-tech (VetCents) and high touch (financial counselors) model has proven to produce lasting outcomes on participants’ well-being in the financial wellness field, more broadly.

What is particularly exciting is that this success extends beyond veterans and demonstrates the effectiveness of our approach across various partners working with underserved communities.

About LifeCents

LifeCents is an award-winning financial wellness platform that empowers people to live happier and healthier financial lives. LifeCents provides people with a much-needed starting point on a highly personalized journey towards better financial health. The highly engaging and interactive experience ensures that each person receives step-by-step guidance they need to achieve the goals most important to them.

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LifeCents was founded in 2005 and is headquartered in Washington, DC. LifeCents is independently owned. LifeCents partners with nonprofits, community-based organizations, academic institutions, government agencies, and financial institutions at home and abroad to provide customized financial health and wellness solutions.

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