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By Erin Prim, Marketing Manatee and Client Services Coordi-gator

At Snigglezoo, our mission is to help parents raise money-smart kids. Our recently reimagined program, The Art of Allowance Project, helps us empower both children and parents by offering a framework for how to use money to craft meaningful, fulfilled lives.

The Art of Allowance Project features two engaging programs for children: The Money Mammals for young kids and Adolescent$ for tweens and teens. Both provide content in a variety of media forms — videos, games, books and apps — that focus on core financial skills while teaching and guiding rather than telling and forcing behavior.

We not only create content for kids of all ages but also share resources that help parents be their children’s guides. By offering a structure for parents to capture their kids’ excitement and turn it into real-world learning, we encourage them to raise money-smart children while also becoming better money-smart models themselves.

Additionally, we collaborate with socially conscious businesses, like our nationwide credit union partners, who make a difference by helping families live better lives. The Art of Allowance Project allows these institutions to forge loyal bonds with families — moms, dads and kids — through smart, fun, money-empowered learning. And ultimately, by promoting money empowerment, we help families thrive.

Moving Financial Literacy Forward

Within our reenvisioned Art of Allowance Project program, we offer new material built atop our financial literacy foundation in all forms of media — videos, classes like The Art of Allowance Academy, essays and podcasts — all designed to help kids, teens, parents and teachers find what they need when they need it.

As a core component of The Art of Allowance Project, The Money Mammals program continues to engage young children with the adventures of Joe the Monkey and his friends. Now it has been expanded to include even more money-smart activities, such as apps, games and printables, on a reconfigured, mobile-friendly site.

But money learning doesn’t stop once kids “graduate” from The Money Mammals program. As they get older, they need help navigating the monetary confusion that’s out there. That’s why we created Adolescent$, our new portal for tweens and teens. It features financial content relevant to this age group in the form of articles, social media-worthy images and videos, like the first installment in our “Good Money Habits” series.

And whether parents want to start small or take a deep dive into financial education, there are many materials available from The Art of Allowance Project. They can even filter our content to make sure it’s the right fit for their children by searching by age range, subject matter or media form. What’s more, now they are able to download reading and teaching guides for their remote learning needs and participate in an Art of Allowance Academy interactive course with other parents.

The Art of Allowance Project also includes a dedicated landing page for educators, from which they can access money-smart resources for their classrooms. For instance, they can now browse our selection of reading and teaching guides that correspond to The Money Mammals’ books and videos as well as request either a digital or a physical version of the program’s Teaching Kit filled with award-winning materials.

Find the Money Mammals, including Joe the Monkey, and more resources from The Art of Allowance Project in the Jump$tart Clearinghouse.

What’s New

Children are exposed to messages that emphasize spending before they’re even two years old. That’s why reinforcing healthy money habits when kids are young is so important. To help families in your community become money-empowered, you’re invited to host The Art of Allowance Academy. This interactive, online workshop will help parents raise money-smart kids by providing a framework which is meant to be tailored to their unique families. More importantly, though, it will empower them to begin ongoing conversations with their children about money.

These concepts will be presented to your group live by John Lanza, the creator of The Money Mammals and the author of The Art of Allowance. John is a recognized thought leader in youth financial literacy and has been helping parents raise money-smart kids for over a decade. Throughout the course, John will intersperse interactive components culminating in a lively Q & A session. For more information on the opportunity to offer this workshop at your credit union or to your civic, parent or school group, please visit this page.

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Coalition Corner

Jump$tart’s April 2022 Events have been postponed due to the ongoing travel and large-gathering restrictions that many of our Partners and State Coalitions are still subject to. We’re very sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.  Watch for further announcements about the rescheduled events and our plans to celebrate Financial Literacy Month virtually.

Thank you to everyone who celebrated “Taco 2sDay” with us! We loved seeing your twinning pics! Our team will send out a message soon about that gift card we mentioned!