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Jump$tart CEO Discusses Project Groundswell with Pew

In an article by Marsha Mercer in Stateline, a publication of The Pew Charitable Trusts, Jump$tart Coalition President and CEO Laura Levine discusses the coalition’s focus on Project Groundswell. Below is an excerpt from the full article.

“Ideally, every state would require a financial literacy class with an exam for high school graduation. That’s not likely anytime soon, so the coalition has a more modest aim.”

The coalition, which has more than a hundred national organizations as members as well as affiliates in every state, launched Project Groundswell in April. The goal: to increase by a quarter the number of elementary, middle and high school students receiving “effective classroom-based financial education” by 2025. The coalition is working on specific goals and standards for effective programs.”

For more information, see the full article.