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Jump$tart Coalition Receives Nonprofit Leadership Award

Editors note: Below are CEO and President Laura Levine’s remarks from SFE&PD’s recent event that Honored Leaders in the Financial Education Movement.

Jump$tart CEO and President Laura Levine (center) accepts the Nonprofit Leadership Award on behalf of the organization. She is pictured with the other award winners and SFE&PD CEO Ted Daniels. More photos

It’s such an honor for me to receive this award on behalf of the leadership at Jump$tart and the incredible Jump$tart team, many of whom are here with me tonight.  But before I talk about Jump$tart, I need to say a few things about the Society for Financial Education and Professional Development.

I’ve been watching and rooting for this organization for a very long time.  Before I came to Jump$tart, I was a grantmaker and had the opportunity to provide a very modest grant to the SFEPD in the early years of its existence.  And I remember thinking, this one’s going somewhere.  Because once you meet Ted Daniels—how can you not? And over the years, I’ve gotten to know his beautiful family; I’ve gotten to know the impressive professionals that work with the Society—and so, it’s especially gratifying for me, personally, to help celebrate the organization’s 20th anniversary.

It’s also very gratifying for Jump$tart to be here because as many of you already know, Jump$tart is a coalition of more than 100 national partner organizations—of which the SFEPD is one.   And every success that our partners have, every milestone they reach, is a reason for us to celebrate; is a reason for the entire financial literacy community to celebrate together.

Because Jump$tart was founded on the premise that working together, we have the expertise, we have the resources, we have the reach to improve the financial literacy of all Americans—especially our nation’s youth—and that we can achieve our vision of a financially literate future; by working cooperatively and collaboratively, because together, we’re stronger.

The Society for Financial Education and Professional Development embodies that spirit of collaboration—you can see that by just looking around this room.  You can feel that by the individuals and organizations that are being recognized here tonight.  And, what’s most important is that by working together, we continue to help people—especially young people—to better understand money management and make smarter financial decisions throughout their lives.

It’s always nice to be recognized for your work. But it’s really special to be recognized by a partner; by a peer—someone who’s been with you down in the trenches. The Society for Financial Education and Professional Development is not only Jump$tart’s partner in the financial literacy effort; but as a fellow small non-profit, with a small team and a big reach—I think we’ve walked a mile in each other’s shoes.  And that’s what makes this so very special.  From the whole Jump$tart team, who earned this, we thank you.