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“Hi, I am Caitlyn Roy, 5th grade teacher at Rose M. Gaffney Elementary School in Machias, Maine. I have been a teacher since 2007. In fifth grade, students have very little knowledge of financial education. I want to develop students at a young age to feel comfortable talking about money. I want to create a classroom where questions can be asked and for students to start to build a foundation of financial knowledge.
I really enjoy what I do! I enjoy creating lessons, getting inspired by other teachers and helping students grow as individuals.

Some of my favorite go-to resources are Junior Achievement, NGPF, Banzai and Claim Your Future.

The NEC is a career changer! Not only is the networking phenomenal, but the love, appreciation, and support from everyone is amazing. The workshops help us grow as teachers and as people. The NEC doesn’t just provide a wealth of information, but a lot of fun! In 2021, I had an amazing night dressed up for the Jazz Era. The vendor hall gives teachers time to explore new classroom activities and lots of freebies!

Thank you for choosing me as August’s Teacher Spotlight!”


The National Educator Conference was created just for you! It’s for teachers who work tirelessly, give their best, and want the best for our nation’s students. We curated an experience to celebrate your accomplishments, provide you with up-to-date financial education resources and information, and to say “thank you” for all you do throughout the year.
This convening of teachers in November is a celebration and we’d love to have you there. Scholarship applications are closed, but we hope you can join us next year. Be sure to follow us on social media to find out when applications open for 2023!