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Rock Star Educator’s Name:
Rose M. Patrick Smith

Luke C. Moore Opportunity Academy, Washington D.C.

Years as Teacher:

Grade Level(s): 

CTE Department – Financial Literacy, Intro to Business, Microsoft Office Certification, Career Readiness, Internship


My Story

“This Financial Literacy journey has been an interesting one, as I have been somewhat of a pioneer in all of this.  Several years ago, I was asked by my principal to think about how an entrepreneurship program of study could work at our alternative high school.  Several years in, I realized the business finance portion of the course led to many interesting class discussions about personal finance.  Here I am today, three Jump$tart Educator’s Conferences later, teaching full on Financial Literacy courses.  I feel like I’m providing students with necessary life skills that will help them succeed after graduation, in their post-secondary endeavors.”


Making Money Matter

Realizing the challenging and complex financial decisions young people are faced with today makes the importance of teaching financial literacy that much more crucial.  Rose believes it is imperative to leave a deposit for the next generation and says she is most grateful to Jump$tart for their ongoing support and partnership with organizations that provide meaningful, engaging and relevant curriculum and content.  Rose holds fast that the seeds of financial literacy education she plants in her high school students today, will grow and flourish to produce prepared adults who have the capacity to make informed financial choices.  “Choices are long lasting and life changing!”


Financial Education Requirement

While there is currently no graduation requirement for high school students to earn Financial Education credit in the District of Columbia, the DC Council is moving swiftly to make it happen.  In preparation for the legislation passing, the Office of the State Superintendent of Education has developed Financial Education standards and the DC Public Schools System’s CTE Office has appointed the curriculum development team on which Rose Patrick Smith serves.  More DC schools than ever before will offer Financial Literacy as an elective in the 2020/2021 school year.  Jump$tart has played a crucial role in supporting this.  Rose is excited to support this effort and put the Nation’s Capital on the map.


Called to Teach

As career educator with the District of Columbia Public Schools System (DCPS) in Washington, DC, Rose has educated students at every level from pre-kindergarten through post-secondary.  Being led to serve as an educator directed Rose to her passion and landed her at her life purpose.  Having taught general education, technology applications, computer science, business & finance and college & career readiness courses, she finds working with students at any level and in any content area, both rewarding and fulfilling. Her beliefs are that anything worth doing is worth doing well and that anything worth having is worth working for.


Go-To Resources

Her district-wide content team has found much value in the Next Generation Personal Finance (NGPF), High School Financial Planning Program (HSFPP), Junior Achievement as well as EverFi.  Resources for all these organizations can be found in the JumpStart Clearinghouse.  Rose endearingly calls it “The great one-stop-shop!!”  Additionally, her choice go-to resources provide robust PD throughout the school year.  This allows for collaboration with financial education colleagues across the region where we can share best practices.  Rose shares that her district also partners with the local Junior Achievement (JA) chapter for field trips to the JA Finance Park where students engage in real life financial scenario simulations.