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Name:  Renay Mercer

School: Talley Middle School, Wilmington, DE

Grade levels:  7-8

Subjects: Business Education and Computer Technology

Years as an educator: 26


Making Money Matter

“I develop lessons that help students look at their goals and aspirations for life.  These lessons help students look at where they are currently in life, and where they would like to be in their future.  In addition, students are able to learn about and develop financial practices that can take them throughout their lifetime,” says Renay.


Financial Education Requirement in Your State

Currently, Delaware does not have an official requirement, and Financial Literacy standards for K-12 were not published until 2018.


Called To Teach

“I have worked with young people most of my life.  When I was in high school, one of my regular jobs was at my school’s after school program, and when I would babysit, I would teach art lessons to the students for whom I was responsible.  I was an art major during my undergraduate education, and I would teach art classes as well as work with a non-profit, Christina Cultural Arts Center, that had artists go into schools and work to integrate the arts into the core curriculum.  I was the visual artist, and I worked with teachers and students to reinforce what was being taught through visual expression.  One example is when I facilitated lessons that supported the development of a full underwater instillation because the class was studying marine science.  Students created various sea creatures and transformed their classroom and immediate hallway.  The school community was invited to visit to see what they had created,” says Renay.

“While I am not currently teaching Art, I strongly believe that my art background helps to fuel the creativity I am able to share with my students.  Furthermore, I sincerely love children.  That is my ultimate bottom-line,” says Renay.


Go-To Resources

Renay says her favorite go-to resources are:


How This Rockstar Teacher Teaches During a Pandemic

“I have utilized leaning management systems to help organize and implement my lessons for the last ten years or so.  Therefore, because of my background in educational technology, with some tweaks, I was ready in the Spring.  For the most part, our lessons were asynchronous in the Spring.  This was due to the fact that so many students did not have access to the technology needed.  However, my district has committed to remote learning for the first making period this school year, and all students were able to borrow Chromebooks from the district.  There are still a few with connection issues, and getting kicked out of their sessions, but it is much better than before,” says Renay.

“I am using Schoology to post my lesson frameworks and resources, and I currently teach using Zoom.  However, we will be moving to using Borderless Classroom soon. I am enjoying seeing and interacting with my students through the synchronous sessions and have sincerely missed them.”

Thank you, Renay for all you do!