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A Special Edition of Teacher Spotlight

Honoring the 2024 Jump$tart Chairmen’s Scholarship Recipients and announcing a new Chairman’s Scholarship

This month’s edition of Teacher Spotlight is special. As is tradition, we are spotlighting some extra-ordinary teachers who have demonstrated their commitment to advancing financial education for students. We are highlighting five unique teachers, recipients of our Chairman Scholarships, an annual recognition that awards the recipient with a scholarship to attend the National Educator Conference in 2024.

Jump$tart Coalition 2023 and 2024 Chairman Scholarship recipients
Pictured from left to right: Laura Levine, Jump$tart Coalition, Barbara Angelicola-Manzolli, James Meadows, Sheila Miller, Courtney Poquette, Sabrina Taylor, Corey Carlisle, Jump$tart Coalition Chairman, Todd Faranda, Brian Johnson, Dawanna Jones, Jill Thompson

Recipients of the Chairmen’s Scholarships will also serve as NEC Ambassadors. This role is to help guarantee that participants will be able to make the most of the event by providing advice to new attendees, encouraging networking, and providing a collegial spirit that this event is known for. We often hear that the professionalism that this conference offers is so refreshing for teachers. The ambassadors provide this as an extension of the Jump$tart family.

This year, we are also excited to introduce our fifth scholarship named in honor of our outgoing Chairman, Corey Carlisle and his career-long commitment to public policy.

All five teachers honored by Jump$tart with a Chairman Scholarship demonstrate the unique leadership qualities of each past Chair and will receive scholarships to attend the 2024 Jump$tart National Educator Conference November 2-4, 2024, in Louisville, Kentucky.


Introducing the Corey Carlisle Public Policy Award

New for 2024 is the Corey Carlisle Public Policy Award. Named for our esteemed outgoing Chair, Corey Carlisle, the award recognizes a teacher who has worked to advance financial education beyond his or her own classroom, through testimony, speeches, op-eds, letter writing, volunteerism, and similar activities.

This scholarship was created in Corey’s name as a recognition for the importance of public policy in advancing effective financial education in classrooms. As a ten-year member of Jump$tart’s Board and Chair for the last two years, Corey has been an advocate and active supporter of legislative opportunities to equip people with the skills to navigate their financial future and a pathway to wealth building. Corey will continue to serve on Jump$tart’s Board.

The first recipient of the Corey Carlisle Public Policy Award is Barbara Angelicola-Manzolli from Lewis S. Mills High School in Burlington, Connecticut.

Barbara was instrumental in the advocacy and testimony in Connecticut to make financial education a graduation requirement beginning in 2023! This journey has been years in the making, and once Barbara got the spark, she passed that along to other teachers who saw how this ciriculum could benefit students. Barbara has attended the NEC for the last 10 years.

Randy Lively, Jr. Pioneer Award
The H. Randy Lively scholarship recognizes Jump$tart’s first Chairman, Randy Lively, who was a co-founder of the Jump$tart Coalition and recognized as a “pioneer” in the financial literacy field. This scholarship is awarded to teachers with adventurous, innovative spirits who are forging new ground in bringing financial education to life for their students.

This year’s recipient is Sheila Miller of Newfound Regional High School in Bristol New Hampshire. Sheila is one of a few teachers who has attended every Jump$tart National Educator Conference and was an early adopter of robust financial education.  With all the resources she has gained over the years, she tells her students they need to look at their finances constantly to ensure they can reach their goals in the future.

Neil Milner New Ideas Award
The Neil Milner New Ideas Award honors Jump$tart’s second Chairman. While Neil Milner’s term as Jump$tart chairman lasted only three short years, his tenure was marked by an era of fresh approaches and new ideas.  The Jump$tart National Educator Conference was conceived and launched under Neil’s leadership, with a good deal of his personal involvement.  The Neil Milner Scholarship will be awarded to a teacher who thinks outside the box and will never be satisfied in doing things the way they’ve always been done.

This year’s recipient is Todd Faranda from Signature Prep Charter School, Henderson, Nevada. This year was Todd’s third NEC.

Todd brings personal finance to life in his classroom by utilizing resources such as Next Gen Personal Finance, EVERFI, and FoolProof. These techniques and activities are used to reach all learners through “real-world” applications.

Ted Beck Effective Educator Award
Ted Beck’s time as Jump$tart’s Chair, as well as his leadership of the National Endowment for Financial Education, was driven by his desire to make evidence-based decisions in striving to improve financial education. The Ted Beck Scholarship goes to teachers who are conducting or utilizing research and analysis to improve education in their own classrooms or for the greater good.

The 2024 recipient is Dawanna Jones from Memorial High School in Beaumont, Texas. Dawanna has participated in the NEC an impressive 14 years!

Dawanna sets herself apart with “real life” research. Her students examine careers, data on salaries, resumes, cover letters, mock interviews, taxes, establishing credit, buying homes, and insurance to help them dream about their future. Her students get a data-driven taste of the “real world” to prepare them for adulthood.

Michael Staten Inclusive Educator Award
With the launch of Check Your School and the Jump$tart Financial Inclusion Initiative, Dr. Mike Staten’s term as Jump$tart Chair was marked by a renewed commitment to growth and inclusiveness. The Mike Staten Scholarship goes to teachers who are expanding the reach and strengthening the impact of financial education to students who need it most.

The recipient for 2024 is Courtney Poquette from Winooski High School in Winooski, Vermont. Courtney has attended the NEC six times.

Courtney teaches a student population new to the United States from many different countries. This diversity is one of the reasons she is so passionate about teaching personal finance as many of her students She creates a classroom environment that is inclusive and welcoming to all.

“I’m so pleased to have this opportunity to recognize Corey Carlisle’s years of service to Jump$tart’s Board, most recently as our Chair, as well as his invaluable guidance and friendship to me personally,” said Laura Levine, president and CEO. “Congratulations to this year’s well-deserving Chairmen’s Scholarship recipients, who have each made unique and exemplary contributions to financial education, both in their classrooms and beyond.”

The Jump$tart National Educator Conference is an annual event that brings together teachers from across the country who teach personal finance at the elementary, middle, or high school levels.

With generous support from our conference underwriters, Charles Schwab Foundation, the Wells Fargo Foundation, the National Foundation for Financial Education, Next Gen Personal Finance and our valued sponsors and scholarship providers, exhibitors, and all the teachers who teachers attend the conference on scholarship.

Scholarship applications for the 2024 National Educators Conference in Louisville, KY will open in April. For all things NEC please visit here.