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Suzann Enzian Knight’s educational philosophy is to provide quality training and effective materials for teachers to use in a classroom or in an adult education setting that makes a difference in the students’ lives and aids them in reaching their potential. Her educational career started in the classroom (grades 7-12), followed by the design and implementation of a statewide Family Resource Management program for youth and adults. She currently is teaching an interactive, on-line personal finance course for undergraduates which she created. Suzann is known for the development of creative and interactive educational tools and curricula to aid the learner.

Knight has received numerous awards for curriculum development and program designs that involve volunteers and multiple agencies. One of the awards focused on the concept of joining all free tax preparation sites located in the state of New Hampshire to form an alliance for the purpose of sharing best practices and to be more viable for funding. Due to this effort, she received the Community Service Leadership Award from the Department of the Treasury, Internal Revenue Service.

Suzann is proud that she was involved with New Hampshire’s Jumpstart Coalition from its inception and was a member of its board of directors for 14 years. In leading the Education Committee, she was responsible for the annual NH MoneySmarts teacher conference and during her term on the Board was involved in the annual LifeSmarts competition.

Suzann graduated from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst; Keene State College and the University of New Hampshire. She is a Certified Financial Planner who thrives on providing education to low and moderate income individuals and families. A passion of Suzann’s is domestic and international travel and particularly visiting the National Park Service properties.