Following are presentation documents and other resources from #JumpstartNEC 2023.

Saturday, November 4, 2023

First-Time Attendees – Joel Chrisler, Jump$tart Coalition

Investing Session with Gene Natali, Troutwood

Sunday, November 5, 2023

Nudges & Sludges – Keynote Presentation, Sarah Newcomb (a wevideo file)

Did You Know? (Video)

AI Presentation – Graham Morehead with Teacher Panel

Preventing Underage Gambling – Kamie Best, Natalie Hardy, Gila Resorts & Casinos

Student Competitions – John Martin, SIFMA Foundation

Next Gen Personal Finance – Tim Ranzetta, Yanely Espinal, Christian Sherrill, NGPF

LifeCents, Dusti Young, LifeCents

Early Childhood Financial Literacy, Christopher Johnson, Robert Culpepper III, LaFA Publishing

Investment Resources, Caleb Silver, Investopedia

New Financial Literacy App for Educators – Teymour Askkan, Emily Watkins-Daigle, Intuit for Education

Fostering Financial Education in Elementary School – Jennifer Seitz, Greenlight

Consumer Life Skills Curriculum – Mike Sheffer, FoolProof Foundation

Real World Simulations – Mike Mechenbier, EverFI

Monday, November 5, 2023

Tribal Governance – Kenneth Manuel, Gila Resorts & Casinos

“I had a BLAST this past weekend at the conference, and believe I learned more and obtained more useful materials than I have from any conference. I know it will all benefit my students greatly.”

- Kelly - Blount County Schools Alabama